MASTERS does not have to explain that the hospitality industry is being hit hard. What can be explained is: how can these blows hit less hard? Members of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) can for example now object to their (increased) WOZ-value without any costs. And all that through the Wizard of WOZ: Dion Bartels.

Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Dion Bartels


Wizard of WOZ Dion Bartels

Dion Bartels(Bartels Consultancy) fights for years against incorrect WOZ assessments after having worked as a lawyer for decades. He calls himself the Wizard of WOZ. The lawyer now offers free service to members of KHN.

Recently, owners and tenants of hotel and catering establishments received their annual assessment for local taxes and levies. By objecting to the (increased) WOZ-value, local taxes can be lowered by as much as 40%. Who wouldn't want that?

Objecting against the WOZ-value is of course a job you can do yourself, but in practice this often turns out to be a complicated and lengthy process. Bartels Consultancy makes it a lot easier by taking this on, provided you are a member of KHN of course. No hassle and no (financial) risk. From pubs and restaurants to cafeterias and hotels. Bartels takes care of everything.

Why Bartels Consultancy?

  • Years of experience with objection procedures for hospitality businesses, from large to small.
  • High success rate: on average 90% of the objections are declared founded.
  • 0% surcharge for members of KHN. If your objection is upheld, you normally pay a one-off surcharge of 25%. As a member of KHN you pay nothing.

You can lodge an objection up to 6 weeks after the date of the assessment. Do not lose valuable time and start your objection procedure today! How? Very simple: mail your assessment notice(s) to and he will pick it up.


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