Winston Gerschtanowitz takes us through his list of secret addresses. Unique hotels, nice places to eat and more! Are you curious which five hotspots are on the list? Read along.

Text: Winston Gerschtanowitz | Online Editor: Natasha Hendriks
Image: Rahi Rezvani

The Stray Farmer, Cape Town, South Africa

"This private villa & guesthouse in Constantia belongs to Bert de Boer, large wine importer in the Netherlands. It's so luxurious and nice that you feel like you're staying in people's homes. And you actually do that. Truly unique."

D-Hotel Maris, Marmaris, Turkey

"I'm a big fan of the Turkish coast, oddly enough. There you have the D-Hotel in Marmaris. We've been there twice, by boat. It is such a beautiful hotel! Every year they have ships bring white sand from Egypt for their own beach. And it houses a number of restaurants, including a branch of the famous Italian Il Riccio from Capri."

Restaurant Terrazza Danieli, Venice, Italy

"If you go to Venice, call Hotel Danieli well in advance to make a booking for the restaurant on the roof terrace. And then you must reserve the corner table. From that spot you have an evening view of the water at St Mark's Square. Absolutely fantastic. The same goes for the food."

Ciro Passami L'Olio, Amsterdam

"A hidden secret, this Italian restaurant at Tweede Helmersstraat 3. Top. Delicious. Not too difficult. Where the whole service speaks Italian."

Thames RIB Experience, London, England

"You can go across the Thames on a RIB boat. No one does it, but it's insane. Go flat out and blow through the city. You just have to book it when you get there. Something different."

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