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Wine from higher realms

If you think you've already tasted most of the wine from every corner of our planet, you probably know the Chateau Petrus Pomerol not yet. This wine has spent part of its maturation process in a very special place, as this wine has been on board the space station ISS for more than a year. Text: Fleur de Jong
Image: Luxury Launches

Color of a brick

The wine was launched towards the ISS space station in November 2019 and spent a total of 438 days and 19 hours in zero gravity. After more than a year, the bottle was returned from space and compared with the drink stored on Earth in the same conditions. 

The bottle of Pétrus Pomerol from space has the color of a brick received, instead of the original red color. Wine expert Jane Anson was allowed to taste the wine blind and indicated that the floral aromatics came out more in the room wine. According to the expert, the taste is also a bit older compared to wine on earth. According to NASA, the purpose of the entire experiment is to gain better insight into the aging process of multi-component fluids in a space environment. 

Alcohol and glass are normally strictly prohibited on the International Space Station, so any bottle was brought into a special container during the trip steel cylinder wrapped up.

Not just wine to space

In addition to the wine, 320 vines of merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes were also sent to the Space Station. Despite the limited light and water, the canes surprisingly grew faster than on Earth. The researchers will now determine how this can be done in order to develop better vines on Earth. 

Private investors helped finance the project. The researchers hope to do this on more space missions with wine in the future. 

A unique bottle Chateau Petrus Pomerol from space costs 5000 euros.