In MASTERS GALLERY, art works of prominent artists are highlighted weekly. After Wendy Lammerschaag was diagnosed with MS in 2019, she decided to pursue her long-held dream: to make the world a little more beautiful with her art.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Wendy Lammerschaag

You Can Do This Collection

"In my abstract works, depth and color are paramount. I first compile a colour palette and then go to work with it. With colour and shape I give meaning to the painting. While painting abstract work I search for the perfect balance between color, contrast and depth. When I'm working on an abstract painting, I'm completely immersed in a world of colors and shapes. During the painting process I often get a feeling about the painting and I attach an appropriate title to it. All titles of this collection have an empowering meaning. Just like this painting, which carries the name A Shot Of Love. This work was the last one I added to the collection. It represents my love for painting. For this collection, I was inspired by man's vision of life and light. I find it breathtaking to see what light can do with color and form."

Goodbye Angelina

"Nothing is as changeable as a cloud. Without you realising it, it changes structure, colour and shape. It's often exactly the same in life. For me, a cloud is the most abstract form of realistic art, because you can see in it what you want. After I found out in 2019 that I have MS, my world was turned upside down. For days I spent on the couch and entertained myself by looking at clouds. Goodbye Angelina is one of the first clouds I painted. I wanted to create some kind of dream world where everything was possible and would feel soft. And so the first fluffy cloud was "born"! When I paint clouds I really feel like I'm in a soft cloud world. At that moment I feel and think of nothing else. Painting clouds works for me as a kind of pause button with which I temporarily stop the world. I want the viewer to feel as if he or she is among the clouds."

Fluorescent Dream

"This is one of my more recent works. I painted a cloud out of quiet color tones, interspersed with a soft purple glow. I created depth in the painting with the fluorescent pink color I incorporated behind the dark cloud mass. It gives the illusion that there is more to see behind this cloud. To paint my clouds I work with pigments, acrylic paint and mediums. When I start painting a cloud I often don't know in advance how I want it to look. I let myself be led by my feelings. Often warm colours come out of that, but sometimes a cool colour palette as shown in this cloud. For the shape applies that I sometimes want a playful shape with busy contours and the other time I go for a quiet shape. In my cloud paintings I express what I have felt in the period that I painted it. I rarely give away the meanings of my clouds. I prefer to see the viewer give a meaning to it himself."

Take a look at the website of Wendy Lammerschaag here.

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