Voyages & Journeys: discover the real Portugal

Enchanting Portugal offers something for everyone. MASTERS finds Voyages & Journeys the perfect travel organization that will show you around Selecção das Quinas. The rolling hills of Alentejo, vineyards spread from north to south and culinary highlights that explain the heritage and culture dating back to the eleventh century. Discover the extraordinary biodiversity of the Azores, a playground for the adventurers and admire the country with your own eyes.Text: Mical Joseph
Image: Voyages & Journeys

A trip you will never forget

When you travel with Voyages & Journeys, you can be sure that something special awaits you. The tour company goes far beyond the extraordinary. In addition to guiding guests to various unique places on earth, Portugal is a special destination for Voyages & Journeys, because it all started in this country. In addition to beautiful city trips such as Lisbon, Porto and the golden coasts of the Algarve, Portugal has so much more to offer. Head to the Alentejo region, one of the best preserved landscapes and one of the least populated regions of Southern Europe. The vast open country is home to both tradition and contemporary culture, renewing itself as a region that is global but not globalized. The sense of beauty can be found almost everywhere.

Breathtaking and one of a kind

Head further north and discover the chaotic landscapes peaks and the breathtaking views of the Serra de Estrela with 250 km of signposted hiking trails, venture on the Paiva trails where you will find the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. A little further north you will find the Douro Valley, marked by small valleys with terraced vineyards, lined with olive trees, and backed by many kilometers of slate walls, is home to typical Mediterranean fauna and flora, and forms one of the world's most fascinating architectural features work, where human power and the majesty of nature are uniquely combined, with the Douro River as a core identity factor.

For the adventurers

Travel to one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal, Caldeira das sete Cidades, Discover the beautiful islands of the Azores with an expedition yacht. Enjoy both an active and relaxing adventure, sail the Azores with Ragnar, the ultimate exploration yacht; Accompanied by your Voyages & Journeys expedition leader on board, you will experience an unforgettable adventure, world-class whale watching and diving or set off with the helicopter on board and discover unique hiking and cave routes.