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Vision on the four-wheeler transport of tomorrow

The LXRY List 2023 is packed with innovative items and surprising addresses. A list that inspires and points to the future. This also applies to the future of cars; from the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato to the DeLorean Alpha V and from the Porsche 966 to the BAC Mono R.

Time machine

Do you remember this one? After a 'rather interesting' past, DeLorean has been resurrected. In 1982, founder John DeLorean was arrested when he tried to buy 27 kilos of cocaine from an FBI informant. A week later his company went bankrupt. So this desperate attempt to save the company seemed to be the end of DeLorean. But then Back to the Future was released in 1985, and the car/time machine became a superstar. John DeLorean himself died in 2005, yet his name is on a car again. The new DeLorean Alpha V is a futuristic concept that was launched at the famous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. It has become a modern electric car, delivery is scheduled for 2024. Pre-registration is available on the website, but a final price has not yet been announced.

Cars in real life

The computer animated film Cars, a Pixar/Disney production, is populated by anthropomorphic vehicles. One of the main characters is the seductive Sally Carrera, modeled after a Porsche 966. For the benefit of charities, Pixar and Porsche have breathed life into this 'beautiful baby blue' Sally: a one-off, but in the skin of a Porsche 992 911 and with a number of unique design elements, including Turbo Twist wheels. This makes this 911 most likely the only Porsche of the 992 generation with this 'footwear'. Furthermore, the real Sally looks exactly like the film version: the same blue color – 'Sallybluemetallic' –, three-coloured Pepita fabric, chalk-coloured leather with Speed ​​Blue stitching, the unique maintenance booklet, 'Cars' valve caps and under the spoiler is the characteristic tattoo of the character. The Porsche 911 Sally Special was auctioned for $3,6 million by RM Sotheby's during Monterey Car Week in California last August. The amount went entirely to two selected charities: Girls Inc., which helps young girls to be 'strong, smart and daring', and UNHCR, the UN refugee program that helps refugees from the war in Ukraine.

Spartan pleasure

The BAC Mono R is a kind of racing motorcycle on four wheels. You drive this single-seater with a helmet. The experience in this car is so direct and pure that it is more like riding a motorcycle. And we don't mean cruising, but knee to the ground, wheelspin out of the corner, a howling exhaust and feeling the road under your ass. The BAC is built for public roads, but is actually the ideal car for track days, because you don't need a trailer to get to the circuit and the performance is spectacular. The 2,5 liter four-cylinder engine delivers 347 hp with a weight of 555 kg. That's a power-to-weight ratio that most multi-million dollar hypercars can't match. The BAC Mono R, on the other hand, costs around 275.000 euros ex taxes.

Off-road supercar

Nowadays we mainly associate Lamborghini with circuits and boulevards, yet the Italians started out as a tractor builder in 1951. Thanks to this successful company, founder Ferruccio Lamborghini had built up a nice collection of sports cars in 1963. One of these was a brand new Ferrari, the clutch of which broke four times in one year. When Ferruccio spoke to Enzo Ferrari about this, Ferrari replied that it must be his own fault, because it could not be the car's fault. Three months later, at the Geneva Motor Show, the exasperated Lamborghini launched its first sports car of its own. A rivalry was born. Lamborghini is now in the hands of Audi and part of the Italian temperament has worn away. Yet the designs remain extravagant. The latest version of the Huracán is a sports car for boulevards, circuits and the unpaved road. This Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato has, among other things, more ground clearance, more track width, fender flares, special tires and a 5,2 liter V10 with 618 hp. Pure extravagance, but with a nod to the tractor past.


LXRY List 2023, the annual wow magazine with innovative items and surprising addresses, a list that inspires and points to the future. New times are dawning due to technological possibilities. In the metaverse you can build the world however you want, without poverty and misery. The first contours are already outlined in this LXRY List. With floating cities, better use of the sun ("which provides enough energy in one hour to power the entire earth for a year"), flying cars and many green initiatives. But also places, whether it is a hotel among the polar bears, or a glass slide on the 52e floor in Dubai or the best Italian in the Netherlands, to seize the day and celebrate life.

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