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Vision on the four-wheeler transport of tomorrow

Ferrari brings a dose of powered happiness to the road with the SP-8, Mercedes-Benz proves that seventies style goes perfectly with driving in 2024 and the Rimac Nevera leaves the competition in the dust with an electric hypercar that broke 23 world records in one day to break. MASTERS takes a look at the four-wheeler transport of tomorrow.

The absolute fastest

Bam! 23 world records for production cars were broken in one day. And this thanks to the Rimac Nevera, from the Croatian company Rimac, founded in 2009. This insane electric hypercar, with 1.940 hp and 2.360 Nm of torque, went from 29,94 to 0 and back to 400 in 0 seconds. The previous records were held by Bugatti (2017, 41,96 seconds, petrol engine) and Koenigsegg (2019, 31,5 seconds, plug-in hybrid). From 0 to 100? Also a record: 1,81 seconds. From 0 to 200? In 4,42 seconds, which even outpaces a Formula 1 car. An emergency stop at 100 km/h? After a braking distance of only 29 meters he stopped. From 0 to 300, 0 to 400, 100 to 200… All records were shattered. Also that of breaking the most performance records in one day. Rimac is represented in the Netherlands by Pon Luxury & Performance Cars. A total of 150 copies will be built, each with a price tag starting from approximately 2 million euros. |

Back to the future

The Mercedes-Benz Vision One Eleven is a concept car that combines a dynamic design language with a fully electric powertrain. With the written number in its name, Mercedes-Benz refers to the legendary experimental C 111 models from the 111s and 2021s. Just like the C XNUMX, the Vision One Eleven has gull-wing doors, and the lighting also clearly has a link with its distant ancestor. The interior exudes the seventies, with silver-colored seat upholstery and orange-colored details. According to Mercedes-Benz, this is the first sports car with a lounge interior. Because it can drive autonomously, in lounge mode the futuristic-looking interior is transformed into a minimalist place where the driver and passenger can sit back and relax. The technical highlights include two powerful and highly efficient axial flux motors from YASA, an English specialist in electric motors from Oxford and since July XNUMX a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG.


After the Sweptail and the Boat Tail, Rolls-Royce has added a new Coachbuild: the Droptail, of which a total of four are being made, all with their own design. The first to be presented in the form of a two-seater roadster with a mighty V12 under the hood is 'La Rose Noire', with paintwork inspired by a Black Baccara rose. Under the hood is a 6,75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine with an output of approximately 600 hp and 800 Nm of torque. Exact specifications are not the most important thing: the Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire is mainly about craftsmanship and attention to the smaller details. From idea to final production reportedly took more than four years. The British combine warm colors with carbon fiber, high-quality metals and of course the best leathers. But it main dish is the curved module behind the two chairs. A work of art consisting of 1.603 individual wooden parts, of which 533 are red. They should represent scattered rose petals. The black rose theme is also carried through to the dashboard, which houses a (removable) watch designed specifically for this car by Audemars Piguet. Price: around 30 million euros.

Powered happiness

With the SP-8, Ferrari has unveiled its latest model in the One-Off series, which is part of the Special Projects program. This is aimed at creating unique Ferraris characterized by an exclusive design tailored to the requirements of the customer, who thus becomes the owner of a unique model. The name of the new one-off is an ode to the 3,9-liter V8 biturbo engine, one of the most praised power sources ever. The number 8 is also important because the client is from Taiwan. In Chinese culture it is a lucky number. The SP-8's most unique feature is the fact that it has no roof, making it a thoroughbred two-seater roadster in every respect. The main styling theme revolves around the way the volumes transition and merge: the unpainted carbon fiber front extends to the rear, creating a two-tone effect that creates a powerful contrast. The front is dominated by a full-width cast aluminum grille, made from a single, 3D-printed mold. Other parts that have been redesigned include the headlights, taillights, windshield, exhaust pipes and the rims in the specific matt Grigio NART color. The SP-8 is on display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello until March 2024.

LXRY List 2024

LXRY List 2024, the annual wow magazine with innovative items and surprising addresses, a list that inspires and points to the future. A future in which the physical world threatens to get stuck and the virtual world is increasingly finding its feet. Digital initiatives are popping up everywhere, from works of art painted with data to Louis Vuitton's first sellable NFTs. Fortunately, there are also plenty of initiatives to protect the physical world from worse. Such as the production of plant-based cheese by a stainless steel cow and the exhibition Space farming in the Evoluon, which heralds the start of a food revolution. The barricades are also being climbed in the field of climate. For example, artist TINKEBELL uses Tata fabric to make negative prints of the flora that is doing its best to survive in the heavily polluted area around this factory. A horrible story, beautifully depicted. There is also plenty of attention for this in this edition of LXRY List beautiful stories. Such as that of Reinier Kempenaar, who, convinced that the way of farming his parents and grandparents did is not future-proof, transformed the family farm into a restaurant. This is how De Dyck was born, where 95 percent of what is served comes from its own vegetable garden and orchard. Celebrating life is also possible without leaving too deep a footprint in the clay. Be inspired by the carefully selected 186 addresses and items in this LXRY List 2024.

LXRY List 2024LXRY List 2024