Victoria Koblenko & Evgeniy Levchenko share a few of their favorite, special places and experiences. Are you curious which five hotspots are on the list? Read along.

Text: Victoria Koblenko & Evgeniy Levchenko | Online Editor: Natasha Hendriks
Image: Rahi Rezvani

Bodon, La Grande Brasserie, Amsterdam

Vic: "A relatively unknown hotspot, but if you like traditional French cuisine, you should really go here. Especially try the red shrimp! The interior is also delicious: extravagant, with lots of marble, vintage and gold. A bit of a blend of the fifties, sixties and seventies."

Milk Bar, Kiev, Ukraine

Vic: "The place for a healthy brunch or lunch, which includes homemade granola, quinoa soup, salads, specialty teas... And also very tasty desserts, including our favorite Tres Leches Milk Cake: a vanilla sponge soaked in three types of milk."

Russki, Moscow, Russia

Lev: "This restaurant is located on the 85th floor of Moscow-City, the International Business Centre, making it the highest situated restaurant in Europe - the restaurant's slogan is #onlylovehigher. From here you have the best view of Moscow. And the food is typically Russian."

La Mamounia, Marrakech, Morocco

Vic: "A monument to Arabic grandeur. As if you find yourself in a fairy tale from a thousand and one nights. A palace! Our last shoot together was there, but then with a seven-month belly."

Hotel Torre di Bellosguardo, Florence, Italy

Vic: "This is the hotel with the best view of Florence. The grandeur of the rooms (calling these a 'room' would be an insult) is unique in every way."

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