In MASTERS GALLERY, art works of prominent artists are highlighted on a weekly basis. Vera Stolte, of Crazy Art by Vera, mainly creates colourful and expressive work. Her strength lies in faces and she prefers to incorporate something striking into each item. Like thick materials, so you can literally feel a painting.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Vera Stolte

80's Madonna

"This painting consists of many layers and mixed media:different materials and techniques. Because so much is happening, you keep looking at it. First I covered the entire canvas with a book. You can see it through some pieces and that was a conscious choice. It is a painting with a frame four centimeters thick. A so-called 3D canvas. I like to use such thick canvases. They really make you feel something on your wall. Why Madonna from the eighties? Because of the 80's colours, patterns and prints. Very hysterical. Neon pink, green, yellow, purple, blue, all colours mixed together. Dots, stripes, crazy shapes and so on. I love that you wonder what I did first or last..."

Inner peace

"Contrary to the neon colors that I like to use, I chose ice blue and light purple tones. On purpose no bright colors, but cool tones. In combination with this pose I found the perfect balance. The title of the painting already tells you what the painting radiates: (inner) peace. Again I used some striking details. Especially her earrings stand out. I made them extra thick, so you can literally feel them. They really stand out when you look at the painting. Here too I have used metallic accents. A sturdy frame of four cm thick gives this painting extra body. With every painting it is again interesting where it will hang: this one for example would look great in a quiet white room. On the other hand, these colors also stand out against a black wall. This painting shows what I find very important: inner peace. If you have that, you can take on the whole world."


"An intense and penetrating look. This canvas radiates self-confidence and strength. Partly because of the size of the canvas it is literally and figuratively an eye catcher. Again I used mixed media . The color scheme is ton sur ton. Different shades of grey in combination with black, white and metallic. Depending on the light, the sparkle will fall on a different point every time. I love to paint women. I can get inspiration at any moment of the day. Fashion magazines, pictures from the past and sometimes I just walk somewhere and see someone who inspires me. I prefer to use a powerful pose or a striking look. Here I have chosen black and white shades. If this painting had been in color, it would have looked very different. That's a consideration you always have to make."

Take a look at Vera's website here.

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