Safety comes first at CW Rustiekbouw

As a specialist in installing fireplaces, stoves, mantelpieces, patio and outdoor fireplaces, CW Rustiekbouw knows how to provide many homes with some extra warmth. But of course this must be done safely; that is why the company has the legal CO certificate. This way you can keep the fire burning without any worries.
CW Rustic Construction

The Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning recently decided to give installation companies until April 1, 2023 to obtain the legal CO certificate. Without this certificate, companies are no longer allowed to maintain, repair or install gas combustion installations, such as central heating boilers, geysers and gas fireplaces, from this date. This is determined in the statutory CO system, which is aimed at preventing incidents involving carbon monoxide. At CW Rustiekbouw, safety is of paramount importance. That is why the company has this legal certificate. 

Classic or modern 

At the helm of CW Rustiekbouw is Colard Winde, a passionate professional. The feeling he had when he installed his first fireplace at the age of 19 has never disappeared. As the owner of CW Rustiekbouw, this feeling has driven him to design and realize fireplaces and stoves every day for over twenty years.

A modern, sleek steel fireplace or a classic style fireplace? Many conceivable styles are possible. But nowadays you don't even have to choose. Modern, classic or rural go hand in hand. 

Bio ethanol

The latest trend in fireplaces; Have your gas fireplace converted into one that burns on bio-ethanol. In terms of heat and flames, a bio-ethanol fireplace is the same as a gas fireplace. What does differ is the bill; the fuel costs of a bio-ethanol model are much lower. 

Curious about all the possibilities? View the CW Rustiekbouw website here. 

CW Rustic Construction

Colard Winde, specialist in making and installing exclusive unique fireplaces, is a professional who can realize your decorative fireplace. CW Rustiekbouw installs modern, sleek steel fireplaces or antique fireplaces in every conceivable style. Consider a room divider or a three-sided fireplace as an interruption in the living room. Or an antique fireplace from 1600 made of sandstone or bluestone, decorated with attractive Norman tiles. Do you prefer wood burning or the convenience of gas? Then consider bio ethanol as a commonly used substitute for gas.