MASTERS HQ. is looking for a freelance graphic designer for a nice job of about 5 months on an annual basis. It involves three days a week on location within a young enthusiastic team.


MASTERS HQ has been a leader in trade shows, events and media productions in the world of luxury, exclusivity, business and craftmanship in the Netherlands, and beyond, for more than twenty years. As a multichannel company, MASTERS HQ is the driving force behind the exclusive business fair MASTERS EXPO, MASTERS Magazine, the annual style bible LXRY LIST, MASTERS COMPANY 300 (best companies in the Netherlands) and MASTERS League.

MASTERS HQ also organizes various diverse (networking) events throughout the year. In addition to the innovative podcast platform De Kapiteinenlijn (featuring the series Uitblinkers and The GYGS), MASTERS HQ devises and produces online concepts, content formats and video content.

This includes formatting articles for a magazine, advertisements, posters, brochures, invites, etc. Living in the Amsterdam area. Skills: Creative, flexible, InDesign-Illustrator-Photoshop, teamworker.

Comments can be sent to: Daniella Coronel -