Extremely rare sneakers on the auction market

Are you a fan of Apple and looking for a pair of (new) sneakers? Then perhaps this sporty model from the brand is for you. Whether you actually want to wear them is only a second question. For this price we can also understand that you would rather just look at them ...

The extremely rare sneakers were made especially for Apple employees. In the mid-1990s, they were distributed to staff. However, this particular pair of sneakers never reached the general public. Consequently, auction house Sotheby's calls it one of the most obscure and coveted sneakers in existence on the resell market.

That Apple's sneakers are a sought-after collector's item has been proven before. In 2020, a pair brought over €14,000 at auction. Another pair went under the hammer in 2017 for about €27,000.

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With a predominantly white upper, the old-school rainbow Apple logo - on both the upper and the side - is an eye-catching detail. A change from Adidas or Nike... Should you get tired of the white color, however, red laces are also included in the box.

Now should you happen to be a size 41, these sneakers are yours for €45,870. But for that money they are - other than a small stain on the upper - as good as new....