Between past and future tense

Christian Clerx, initiator of, travels all over the world for his work. In this section he tips about the best places. This time he set foot in Tokyo for MASTERS. The vibrant Japanese capital is constantly developing without losing sight of its rich past. Tokyo offers something for everyone: temples and palaces, culinary delights, luxury shopping complexes and the hippest hotels.

Text: Christian Clerx


9 Hours Capsule Hotel

“The idea of ​​this trendy hotel is that you get nine hours of sleep. This special concept exudes Japanese modernism in combination with technology and hospitality. You check in, take a shower and spend the night in your own sleeping capsule. Would you rather take a short nap? The capsules can also be rented for a shorter period of time. It feels a bit like the movie The Matrix, although you do wake up here.”

Asakusa Kokono Club

“The only hotel in Japan with a theater is located in Asakusa, a district where you can step back in time and shop for art endlessly in traditional shops. Here you can really feel the authentic Tokyo. Escape the noise of the city during a theater performance and completely relax.”


Sukiyabashi Jiro

The best sushi restaurant in the world! And also the first in the world to receive three stars (but they have been removed from the Michelin Guide since 2019 because the restaurant does not take reservations). The restaurant only has ten seats at the bar. The late French chef Joël Robuchon called Sukiyabashi Jiro one of his favorite restaurants in the world. It taught him that sushi is an art form.

The Punk Rock Izakaya

“Culture and food come together here. Japan is known for its rich food culture. Be surprised by typical ingredients, local dishes and the special stories behind them. Are you curious about what the concept of izakaya entails? Then definitely stop by here!”



“As a big fan of Japanese pop culture, you won't want to miss this place. The complex has eight floors and is completely dedicated to second-hand manga comics. In addition to the well-known books, you will find CDs, DVDs, games and collectible cards.”

Mario Kart Tour

“We all know Mario Kart from the video game, but did you know that you can play the game in real life in Tokyo? Put on the costume of your favorite character, choose the music and drive through the streets of Tokyo in your own Mariokart! Please note: you must have an international driver's license with you.”


Good Design Store Tokyo by Nohara

“Are you looking for Japanese design, special works of art or handy gadgets? At Good Design Store Tokyo you will find the most diverse objects: from home accessories and healthcare products to kitchen supplies, fashion and hobby items.”

Ginza Six

“This building is a modern interpretation of Tokyo's historic Ginza neighborhood, bringing together high-end shopping and world-class culture. Behind the walls of architect Yoshio Taniguchi's building you will find 241 shops and restaurants, an extensive roof garden and a theater.”

MASTERS Magazine

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