Tropical getaway with a hefty price tag

The tropical retreat of American illusionist David Copperfield is the most expensive Airbnb of the moment. And although it is one of the most remote places, you will certainly not lack anything here. MASTERS takes a closer look at the magical place.

''A private sun that warms your face and private waves lapping against your feet. A private moon lighting your sign and surrounded by private seas.'' This is the description of the island of Musha Cay on the website. And in principle there is no lie about that. If you now want to dig a little deeper into your pockets for a privacy-rich place on Airbnb; you can stay on the island for the equivalent of €55.000 per night.

Musha Cay, located in the south of the Bahamas, was purchased by David Copperfield in 2006 for €46.1 million, according to Forbes. With a total of 700 hectares, there are five homes included in the stay. In total there are 12 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and - a nice bonus - each residence has its own private swimming pool. 

private chef 

Before arrival, guests are asked food preferences to pass on. Because doing some shopping on the private island is not an option. The included private chef can therefore come in handy. However, a sommelier can also be arranged for a small surcharge. Choosing the perfect wine from the more than 500 bottles in the wine cellar can of course also be difficult…  

In addition to the private chef, the island actually has all the other amenities you need for a tropical holiday getaway. You have access to tennis courts, massage rooms, a spa, a fitness room, sun beds, and a paddle board. In the so-called ''Landing'' you can get together with your fellow travelers to watch the sunset, play billiards or have a drink at the bar.