This trend is indispensable in your home this spring

Richmond Interiors is passionate about creating luxurious, stylish and oh-so-comfortable interiors. This spring's trend? Light oak. Let the experts of the interior brand know how you can effortlessly create this fresh look in your own home.
Richmond Interiors
Richmond Interiors

A family business where warmth, short lines and flexibility play the leading role. With roots in retail and its own furniture stores in the past, Richmond Interiors says it knows what retailers need and how they can optimally support them. But as a private individual you are also very welcome in the high-end showroom. By traveling to different continents, visiting international fairs and having a knack for striking items, the brand's collections meet the most current trends in the furniture and interior world. The Belfort collection is one of those. In addition a good example of the recurring trend of light oak in the interior. With carefully designed furniture pieces, this collection combines elegance with refined style.

''The natural character of the oak brings warmth and tranquility to any room'' 

Richmond Interiors

The distinguishing feature of the collection lies in the subtle texture with small slats, which make each piece unique. This finish emphasizes craftsmanship and refinement, says Richmond: ''The choice of light oak as a material reinforces the timeless appearance of the Belfort collection. The natural character of the oak brings warmth and tranquility to any room, while the light tones create a feeling of space. This makes the collection versatile and suitable for various interior styles, from classic to modern.

An elegant coffee table, a stylish sideboard, or a subtle side table? The Belfort collection offers an extensive range of furniture pieces. Each carefully designed to ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your interior. 

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