This pineapple is conquering the premium fruit market

You can spend your hard-earned money on an excellent bottle of wine, a romantic dinner for two, or even on exclusive caviar. Or you choose to spend it on one piece of fruit. You may pay a few hundred dollars for this exotic delicacy, but then you really have something unique.
Fresh Del Monte

After more than 15 years of development, Del Monte launched the Rubyglow pineapple in China earlier this year. The company had previously experimented with tropical fruits and introduced the Pinkglow pineapple, named after the pink flesh. This pineapple initially sold for $50 (€46). However, with the introduction of the Rubyglow, Del Monte takes luxury fruit to an even higher level.

Plant patent

The Rubyglow is grown in Costa Rica and has a plant patent in the US. The exclusive piece of fruit is a cross between a traditional pineapple and the Morada pineapple, which is usually inedible. The result is a pineapple with red skin and bright yellow flesh, which is said to have a sweet taste. The Rubyglow ripens on the plant and is sold without the crown in an elegantly designed packaging. The price? $400 (€369).

With only 5000 pineapples available worldwide and a planned production of 3000 by 2025, the fruit is extremely rare. The company even works with a waiting list. After a successful launch in China, the pineapple has now also gained a foothold in North America. It remains to be seen whether we will ever see the Rubyglow pineapple at the fruit jeweler in the Netherlands. In the meantime; someone's nest egg?