Thermage: back to youthful beauty

You've probably heard of it: Thermage. Currently one of the most popular and effective facial treatments. At MASTERS COMPANY Kazem Aesthetics you will enjoy a Thermage treatment that smoothes and tightens your skin and also elevators the contours of the face. The result: a younger-looking appearance. And that without surgery!Online Editor: Mical JosephDr. Kazem introduced the Thermage treatment in the Benelux. He is also Key Opinion Leader of developer Solta Medical and the most experienced doctor. Dr. Kazem: "Thermage is so popular for a reason: the treatment is painless, effective and FDA approved, thus safe. Our specialized medical nurses are highly trained and ensure a fantastic end result: a fresh and youthful appearance of the skin as wrinkles fade and contours improve."

Here's how it works

Thermage involves heating the existing collagen with radiofrequency energy, without damaging the skin. Thus, the existing collagen becomes firmer, giving a lifting effect. It removes visible signs of aging in minutes. It addresses wrinkles and loose skin and works for your face, as well as your body. The results last as long as three to five years.


Already immediately after the treatment you can see that the skin is tighter. The deep heating causes an immediate tightening of the skin. After several months you reach the optimal result, because the production of new collagen is also stimulated. Dr. Kazem: "Depending on the condition of your skin and the natural aging process, the effect lasts for several years."

To maintain the results of Thermage treatment for as long as possible, take advantage of Kazem Aesthetics' special offer! You get one year of free maintenance treatments to keep skin looking younger longer.

Special offer

Book your Thermage* skin tightening treatment before October 29 and benefit from one year of free maintenance treatments (worth € 1950) to maintain the results:

  • 2x Clear + Brilliant® laser treatments, which refresh and smooth your skin so you look younger.
  • 4x NuEra® Tight treatments, where the collagen in the deeper skin layers is heated so that the skin becomes firmer which has a lifting effect.

Are you interested in a treatment? Then book now here your free consultation and take advantage of this offer.

*Thermage® treatment must be performed before Jan. 1, 2022.