Transformers is the title of the book by fashion designer and artist Claes Iversen. Iversen not only shows the transformative power of fashion, but also his own development as a designer. “With this publication I want to show that there is, consciously or unconsciously, a connection between my couture, paintings and interior designs,” says Claes. Online editor: Natasha Hendriks
Image: Claes Iversen


The title 'Transformers' is a play on words: the collection not only shows the transformative power of fashion, but also Iversen's own development as a designer and visual artist.

Transformers consists of 80 photos and five themes. The five themes are based on Iversen's new couture collection. He chose five pieces of clothing – the sweatshirt, the shirt, the trench coat, the suit and the Little Black Dress – and transformed each into spectacular silhouettes using a well-defined step-by-step plan. In addition to couture, Claes also creates interior designs and painting. 

Claes: “Couture is and remains the basis of everything I do, the love for the profession is my main motivation. At the same time, I give myself the freedom to spread my wings further, let go of expectations from the outside world and use my creativity as widely as possible.”

The text of the book was written by fashion journalist Natasja Admiraal.