The upcoming period may be the time to experiment in the kitchen at home. Get the masterchef  inside you and gradually cook the stars of heaven. Thanks to the cookbooks of these renowned chefs, you no longer have to leave your home for culinary delights.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens

Cuines 33

His ambition was to become a professional motocross racer, but a serious accident shattered his dream. That's why Edwin Menue turned his attention to something completely different: cooking. After gaining a lot of experience as an intern at various renowned restaurants, Edwin, his wife Fleur and fellow chef Frederik decided to open a restaurant: Cuines 33. This unique tapas restaurant in Knokke was quickly awarded a Michelin star and has become a household name. Edwin and Fleur are now the only two owners and they have managed to tailor the menu completely to their ideas and personalities. The couple has managed to translate the seasonal cuisine, special dishes and daring flavor combinations into an amazing cookbook. In addition to Edwin's life story, his typical dishes are also described step by step, so that everyone can taste a little of his success.

Rough fare

Friends Paskal Jakobsen and Edwin Vinke already have a restaurant together, but they are taking a new path together. After exchanging many stories about special dishes that both men have eaten all over the world, the idea arose to combine their passion in a cookbook. An easy cookbook with culinary dishes that every home cook can recreate. It should be clear that the two have an eye for good food, but their preferences are far apart. Paskal is a meat lover and Edwin, on the other hand, opts for vegetarian flavors. The dishes are inspired by their travels and love for Zeeland.

Spicy Chef

With his two-star restaurant De Lindehof in Brabant, Soenil Bahadoer repeatedly surprises his guests with mouth-watering dishes. East and West come together and with his Surinamese-Indian dishes he surpasses everyone's taste buds. In his cookbook Spicy Chef, Soenil's background is told through 50 dishes. This book also shows what food means to his entire family. The dishes are easy to make, surprising and exactly reflect Soenil's personality. Candied steak with ginger beer ice cream, a traditional brioche with bakkeljouw and also personal family recipes can now be recreated at home.