The Green Contractors magically adorn entrance and present exclusive garden experience

At the entrance to MASTERS EXPO, you will be welcomed to a green oasis, brought about by The Green Contractors. But also at their booth, the company will surprise with an exclusive garden experience of almost 100 square meters. With more than 25 years of experience and their powerful and extensive network of national and international companies in the garden industry, they are a suitable party to take care of the complete supervision of the construction of your exclusive garden project.
The Green Contractors

A patch of land around your villa, but no idea what you want to do with it? The Green Contractors know what to do with it. They see it as 'building supervision for the outdoor space', with all the aspects that go with it. Founders Wim Takkebos and Duuk Muilwijk, specialize in high-quality and exclusive planting and over the years have invested in setting up an extensive network of tree and commercial nurseries in Europe. Looking for unique trees or shrubs? They know where to knock and buy directly from the source. They often take the customer to the nursery: "You have to experience it for yourself. And how nice is it to choose your own tree, which many generations after you will also enjoy?'

Wim Takkebos and Duuk Muilwijk | Photo: John van Helvert

Of course, it all starts with choosing the right garden designer or landscaper. This is crucial for the atmosphere and quality experience of the outdoor space. Only with the right brief to the designer is the creative process steered in the desired direction, resulting in a surprising and exclusive garden design. Whether you dream of an urban garden, pond garden, farm garden, landscape garden, or villa garden, The Green Contractors will ensure that your wishes become reality.

Together, the appropriate landscaper and contractor are also selected to bring the creative design to life perfectly. Thanks to extensive market knowledge, insight is gained into the full range of garden professionals. Because let's face it: who doesn't love a good deal? 

From first shovel to completion

From the moment the first spa hits the earth to the completed completion: the company takes care of the entire project management. Under the overall direction of The Green Contractors, all elements are coordinated. For example, they communicate with the various parties and ensure that bids and invoices are organized efficiently. Sit back and let the green magic do its work.... 

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MASTERS EXPO - The Magical Edition 

In addition to adorning the entrance to MASTERS EXPO, The Green Contractors can also be found during the fair in hall 10 at stand number 1540. Here they will present an exclusive garden experience of almost 100 square meters. Order your tickets here.