These are the paradises for retirees in 2024

Sun? Check. Low prices? Check. And not entirely unimportant: is health care any good? Let MASTERS take you to the retirement paradises on earth. According to new research, these are the ultimate places to enjoy your well-deserved old age.

De Annual Retirement Index focuses on retirement destinations abroad and bases its ranking on established expat hubs with a proven track record of comfortable living. Several aspects are thoroughly assessed for each destination.

For example, housing is first looked at, focusing on the ease of buying and owning real estate as a foreigner and the value for homeowners. Factors such as the price of homes in expat-friendly locations and property taxes are taken into account. 'Visas and benefits' are also a crucial category, analyzing the accessibility of a tourist visa, its speed and simplicity of acquisition, its duration, and the possibilities for renewal and permanent residence permits. In addition, special benefits such as retirement benefits, healthcare discounts and other expenses are also included.

Of course it's nice to get some value for your hard-earned money. For example, the cost of living is also scrutinized when indexing. A lower cost structure results in a higher score.

5. Spain

Spain has consistently maintained its position among the top destinations for retirees and offers according to... International living a unique mix of rich cultural experiences, a favorable climate and a high quality of life. Whether you prefer the mild temperatures of the Mediterranean coast or the sunny days of the Canary Islands, with 300 to 320 sunny days per year it is one of the sunniest regions in Europe.

4. Panama

Panama has its problems and is still developing strongly in several respects. But according to the research, there are few places on earth that offer so much with so little discomfort. Think of a mild, sunny tropical climate, no hurricanes, a strong dollar economy, affordable quality healthcare, no foreign income taxes and low property taxes. The country is also home to an active, hospitable expat community.

3. mexico

Mexico offers diverse natural beauty, a thriving expat community, and a friendly culture, all without the loss of luxury. In addition, the Mexican wine industry is among the best in the world. When it comes to food, from street food to five-star chefs such as Jonathan Gómez Luna, Mexico appears to have everything for real gourmets. The friendly real estate prices also make it an attractive destination for retirees. Even in hotspots like the Riviera Maya, you can buy a new apartment for just under €200,000.

2. Portugal

Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world. Crime is low and gun violence is unheard of. In addition, participants in the study expressed their love for the Portuguese people; one of the most friendly and authentic in the world. The country's natural beauty and mild climate also make it a suitable location to retire here: 'What Portugal lacks in size, it makes up for in diversity. From vibrant cities to quaint medieval villages, this little gem of a country has something to offer for almost everyone.'

1. Costa Rica

For the third time in a row, Costa Rica is number one on the International Living list. The casual pura vida atmosphere makes it 'The perfect home away from home', according to the research agency. But it could also be due to the tropical beaches, the mild climate in the Central Valley or the fact that the Nicoya Peninsula has a Blue Zone. Perhaps you've heard of it; one of those places where people seemingly never grow older. In addition, the stability of the country is highly appreciated. For example, Costa Rica is praised as the Switzerland of Central America. In 1948 the army was abolished and money was put into health care and education.