Thank you Friends of the House

Was it a fair? Was it an event? Was it a festival? Was it a conference? Was it a party? Was it a networking event? We do not know that. Above all, it was fun and meaningful. Various premium brands presented their novelties at MASTERS SUMMER EDITION.
Chantalle Laurent


Lengers Yachts

Lengers Yachts has been a household name in the nautical world and in the highest segment of luxury motor yachts for more than fifty years. The family business, led by Bas Lengers, now has three generations of experience. Lengers Yachts is the official dealer and partner of Sanlorenzo, Prestige and Sacs and has been awarded the 'dealer of the year' award several times for all these brands. At the MASTERS SUMMER EDITION a number of models from the Italian brand Sacs could be admired: the Sacs Strider 10 and the Sacs Strider 11.

Van Linschoten Butchers Gin

Van Linschoten Slagers gin is a Rotterdam gin that was created during the 110th anniversary of Slagerij van Linschoten in Rotterdam. This ultra-soft premium gin is distilled based on homemade steak spices from the butcher's shop. The inspiration for these steak seasonings comes from the sea voyages of Jan Huygen van Linschoten (Jan Huigen in de ton), who laid a foundation for the VOC voyages a few years later with his nautical charts copied from the Portuguese. During the three-day event in De L'Europe Amsterdam, visitors could enjoy delicious gin and tonics.

The Mayor

The Mayor in Amstelveen is a transformation project that is unprecedented. The former KPMG office complex on Burgemeerster Rijnderslaan will be converted into eight high-quality residences of international allure. Sustainable new construction with luxury penthouses, luxury apartments, garden apartments and apartments. Surrounded by greenery and soon a beautiful park on your doorstep. Future residents and real estate agents could become acquainted with the special building.

Piano metropolis

Hand-built instruments by the world's best piano makers, craftsmanship with watchmaker precision. What started in 1928 as a small, passionate music store would later grow into what Pianometropolis is today: a worldwide supplier of custom pianos and grand pianos for private individuals, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships and many well-known artists. During the MASTERS SUMMER EDITION the best instruments invited you to enjoy.

Dubai Property

Dubai-Property is your independent Dutch partner when purchasing real estate in Dubai. From their years of real estate experience in several countries, they see that Dubai currently offers by far the most opportunities in the field of real estate investments. This includes a favorable tax climate, full ownership, attractive visa rules, various payment options, top returns, international allure and the most innovative projects of high quality. Investments in Dubai were prepared in the suite.


Annefleur's silk flowers, which once started in the shed at home, has grown into the most exclusive silk flower artist in the Netherlands and since this year has a second branch in Ibiza. Specialization in the highest quality silk forms the basis for devising, creating and delivering the most exclusive custom eye-catchers. Think of silk bouquets, artificial trees, plants and unique arches. Both the business and private markets are served. At the MASTERS SUMMER EDITION, visitors could have a snapshot taken in front of the flower-filled logo wall.


Anyone who thinks about winter (already) undoubtedly thinks about atmospheric lighting. Avontuur-BlachereNL is the specialist in creating a unique Christmas atmosphere using beautiful winter mood lighting and Christmas decorations. For example, Avontuur-BlachereNL transforms Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Magical Maastricht, De Bijenkorf, several shopping centers, hotels and casinos into a true Christmas paradise. Smaller locations such as cafés, gardens, restaurants and showrooms are also given a warm winter atmosphere. 

NICE Boats

LEKKER Boats, founded in 2013, has delivered 9 custom-made boats all over the world in 175 years. From Sydney to Amsterdam and from Miami to Hong Kong. With the “Damsko” model, LEKKER has combined the comfort and coziness of a traditional Dutch sloop with the power and speed of speed boats on open water.

Reyen Rocks

Discover the beauty of mother nature in a different way. Reyen Rocks transforms exclusive crystals, minerals, fossils, shells, corals, petrified wood and other natural art into timeless eye-catchers. Artist Daniël van Reyendam creates timeless designs that could have been beautiful a hundred years ago but will still be beautiful a hundred years from now. Natural shapes, intense & pure colors, enchanting & rough textures are central. Don't edit, just process. Simplicity at its best, art by nature.

American Express

The American Express® Platinum Card provides access to numerous exclusive travel privileges. Your trip starts wonderfully comfortably thanks to the fast security and border passage at Schiphol with Privium Plus. With unlimited access to more than 1.300 airport lounges, you can also start your trip stress-free and in peace.


GASSAN stands for diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches. The GASSAN brand represents craftsmanship, proven quality and reliability for more than 75 years. The company was founded by 'grandfather' Samuel Gassan in 1945 and its core activity at that time was cutting diamonds.
GASSAN is the official dealer of more than 20 of the world's most prestigious jewelry brands and more than 60 of the world's most exclusive watch brands. The most beautiful jewelry and watches were presented at the MASTERS SUMMER EDITION.


B-Health stands for an energetic lifestyle and helps with the use of top medical technology. B-Health sells the most professional and reliable Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers. There is a choice of one or more person cabins in various designs and sizes. For a number of years now also available for private use and professional studios.

Sleek studios

At Strak studios you will meet a team of enthusiastic designers and makers of exclusive gardens, outdoor spaces and luxury garden furniture. From the first sketch to the final delivery of your garden or outdoor space, the Strak studios signature stands for distinctive, timeless design and total care. A team with a mission: to realize your dream garden! Sleek studios – Designed to delight!

Bang & Olufsen Brussee

Bang & Olufsen Brussee (Amsterdam & Katwijk aan Zee) proudly showed the latest installations at MASTERS SUMMER EDITION.

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg has taken outdoor cooking to a new level. Made from only the best ceramics, the Big Green Egg has been an extremely popular kamado since 1974. Enjoy fresh ingredients and exciting preparations with friends and family. Grilling, baking, steaming, stir-frying or smoking: your taste buds will be surpassed. The Big Green Egg is also ideal for low and slow preparations. Thanks to the perfectly adjustable temperature, the Big Green Egg is the partner for all culinary preparations. Choose quality of life, generation after generation.


ExperienceTravel provides contemporary world travelers with personal travel experiences and takes care of all the organizational work. Each trip is unique and designed with precision, entirely according to your wishes. Romantic dinner under the African starry sky? To a tropical private island where you can really get away from it all? And how about an exclusive visit to the Louvre in Paris after closing time? ExperienceTravel makes the impossible possible. Be inspired by the Bucket List 25 and challenge ExperienceTravel to put together a unique tailor-made trip.

Laurent Richard Père et Fils

The passion for wine has been in Laurent Richard Père et Fils' blood for four generations. The family offers a selection of top wines from France (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Loire), but also immerses you in la dolce vita with a wide range of Italian quality wines from Tuscany and Bolgherie, among others.


Would you like to sail around the Amsterdam canals with the unique Ribbon 28HY MONZA while enjoying a snack and a drink? MASTERS SUMMER EDITION was the perfect opportunity for Hytender to show what the 28HY Monza was made for.

Sina Foundation

The city is home to 150.000 children. That is the age up to and including 18 years. 1 in 5 of these children live in poverty. Poverty is another word for a shortage of money, love and perspective. That is now 20% and that is always too much. We have to do something about this together, you can't throw all the problems at the Stopera or put it on Femke Halsema's plate. We are all the city. MASTERS came into contact with the Sina Foundation. During the official opening of the event, a check was presented to the foundation that is committed to helping people in poverty.