Literally bring your summer body into your home

One more season away from summer and that means; time to focus on a summer (and healthy) body. You can do this by dragging yourself to the gym or creating your own high-end home gym. Technogym is ideally the right party for this.

You don't have to leave the house to get fit. The fitness equipment of the Italian fitness brand Technnogym can already be found in many gyms around the world, but you can also create your own home gym. Known for combining Italian design and innovative technology in fitness equipment, MASTERS highlights some great options, including the Equipment of the Year.

Technogym Personal Line

This selection of fitness accessories and equipment offers the best in quality, design and attention to detail. The durable material, unique design and fast delivery make Technogym the best option to stay motivated and constantly challenge yourself, wherever you are.

Bike Personal

The Bike Personal exercise bike is a high-end exercise bike with a compact footprint and an elegant design. Personal training sessions will guide you step by step and help you efficiently achieve your fitness goals.

Kinesis staff

The Kinesis Personal was designed as the ultimate fitness equipment that combines design and performance. This design item fits in any environment, both at home and in the office. The Kinesis Personal offers no fewer than 200 different exercises in less than ten square meters. This graceful and compact device allows coordinated exercises based on resistance techniques and was designed for strength, flexibility and balance training.

Technogym Equipment of the Year: Technogym Ride

In 2022, Technogym launched the Ride. The Technogym Ride is the first indoor bike with a 22-inch screen that allows you to experience unprecedented, immersive indoor experiences. Once you log in, you immediately get access to all the popular training apps that are popular among cyclists today. Think of Zwift, Strava, Rouvy and TrainingPeaks. But entertainment apps such as Netflix and Eurosport are also possible. Plus, you'll get a complete range of training programs and experiences to help you improve your performance outdoors (or on the road).