Want to get fit and contribute to a better world?

Get into your sportswear, sprint to the gym and MOVE! Technogym declares the Let's Move for a Better World challenge open. Until March 27, 2024, the world leader in fitness, wellness, sports and health challenges you to do something good for yourself and make a difference for others. Win-win, right?

Technogym has long advocated physical exercise as the ultimate preventive and healing tool for human health. ''The answer to a sedentary life is an active life in which you exercise sufficiently. The driving force behind the wellness philosophy is certainly exercise, but not only that,” says Technogym.

The Let's Move for a Better World challenge is the result of Technogym's 40-year commitment to improving well-being around the world. This campaign is an opportunity to create a more sustainable society based on personal health. The education of the younger generations is a fundamental starting point for achieving this common goal. The campaign is also a tangible initiative to support fitness clubs.

Let's MOVE together

FROM March 12 to 27, 2024 you can join fitness communities around the world to combat physical inactivity through a challenge based on MOVEs, Technogym's measure of movement. Below 500 MOVEs/day you are inactive, from 500 to 1000 you are moderately active, above 1000 you are active.

Are you already in the starting blocks and do you want to participate? This can easily be done by Technogym App download and of course work up a sweat in the gym. In the app you can track your activities – whether outdoors, on equipment or in everyday life – and collect MOVEs. You can then turn this into a good cause, such as sharing the benefits of exercise and the importance of healthy habits and lifestyle. When predetermined goals are achieved, Technogym products can be won and then donated to a non-profit organization or educational institution of your choice. The more active the gym members, the more MOVEs they collect and therefore the larger the donation to the various organizations will be.

Anyone who takes the challenge will automatically receive two months of Premium Content and the ability to collect badges in the app. So what are you waiting for? Let's move!