STATE takes the definition of bungalow to a higher level

In the hurried world, a serene oasis beckons. Designed by STATE of Architecture, the so-called Level House is an example of architectural quality and natural harmony, on one level. MASTERS enters the new definition of 'bungalow' where elegance, refinement and tranquility are central.
STATE of Architecture

When designing Level House the routing of spaces is carefully tailored to the rhythm of daily life. The functions unfold here step by step: from the living wing - with the spacious kitchen and inviting living room - to the sleeping wing, with the ensuite bathroom and master bedroom.

Architectural Symphony

Level House is designed with strong lines and varying heights, a true architectural symphony. The interplay of lines extends inwards, allowing the interior and exterior to flow seamlessly into each other. For a suitable connection between work and relaxation, the office visually embraces the living room through a garden patio, with the natural and lush greenery acting as a buffer.

Refuge of peace and luxury

Completely private in its own wing, the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom provide a personal sanctuary of tranquility and opulence. Privacy comes first here. The bathroom and wellness area act as a buffer zone, ensuring an undisturbed retreat for the residents.

The true strength of Level House lies in the seamless extension of the kitchen and living room – with an outdoor terrace and an inviting swimming pool. Large sliding glass doors blur the boundary between inside and outside. Here residents can enjoy nature, designed in luxury and comfort. 

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