Spend the night in the starry sky

What if you can't sleep under the starry sky, but really in the middle of it? It's closer than you think: spending the night in space. Construction of the world's first space hotel will begin in 2028 and there will certainly be no shortage of luxury.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Axiom Space

Space Hotel

Houston-based company Axiom Space, co-founded by NASA's former manager Michael Suffredini, plans to launch the first segment of the spacecraft within seven years space hotel build. The €2 billion project, called AxStation, will be a completely new commercial space station. The interior, decorated by the well-known interior designer Philippe Starck, will have a dynamic look. The walls of the cabins are covered with brightly colored plush fabrics, as are the furniture. You wake up with a view of your home planet 400 kilometers away.

Axiom's plan is in full swing. NASA gave the green light for the construction of the commercial space station earlier last year. A deal has also been struck with SpaceX to send a number of private astronauts for short stays on NASA's missions by the end of this year. International Space Station. Future guests for the AxStation are trained for their journey to space up to 15 weeks in advance. It does come with a small price tag: one return ticket to the space hotel costs €45 million.