M address in the new section THE ONLY WAY IS UP the spotlight on startups that have the balls to create one Innovative idea to launch into the world. This time MASTERS turns the spotlight somnox, an innovative one sleep robot with which the ceiling service passes you by.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Somnox

Somnox Sleep Robot

Staring forever at the ceiling, looking away from your clock or moving the hands from one side to the other. You cannot deny that you have never had to deal with this. Somnox's sleep robot tries to put an end to this insomnia. MASTERS felt Somnox' CEO & Founder Julian Jagtenberg grilled about it success of the in 2017 founded startup.

Started from the bottom and now we're…

''We have currently helped 8.000 people sleep better in the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Russia. That is what is central to us – helping people with... sleep problems. Any story of someone sleeping better is amazing because it resonates in all aspects of life.”

Best tip you've had?

''Be obsessive about your end customer. The success of your company is directly linked to the value you deliver to the customer.

Why is Somnox that successful?

''We change people's lives by helping them sleep better. If you can help someone solve a clear (painful) problem, you will grow and make money. It really starts and ends with your value proposition. Sleeping is such a fundamental part of a healthy and vital existence that people are willing to do anything for it. Our patented innovation is also only available from us, which gives us a monopoly in this area.

Why didn't I think of that?

''I think it's amazing what Nikola Tesla has achieved – with AC (Alternating Current). How an inventor managed to create modern life as we know it is amazing. The greatest thinkers/inventors are often a turning point in society. But an idea is worthless. It is the execution and actual realization of the idea that only 0,0001% of people do. So a deep bow to anyone who manages to realize it.”

What would you do with 1 million?

''Investing in Somnox and committed to increasing our fame – so think of 360 marketing campaigns at an international level. In addition, I want to provide more scientific evidence and invest in studies in collaboration with leading bodies. I also want to expand our product portfolio in order to serve new target groups – children and the elderly.

Offer you can refuse

We have sufficient demand from investors and also possible exit parties. However, we are very selective with whom we do / do not want to continue. During the television program Dragon's Den we received an offer from Dragons' Investors Pieter Schoen and Michel Perridon of € 2.000.000 for 20% of the shares, which we accepted.

Where will Somnox be in five years?

''At the head of the largest international sleeper player. "I want to have helped at least 500.000 people with a better night's sleep and thus prevent illnesses, car accidents and burnout."


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