In conversation with shoe boss Tijmen Venhorst: 'Fifty percent of our orders go to the US, the other half to Europe'.

From increasing appearance at events to unique adjustments in corporate colors and logos: SneakerBranding's sneakers make a statement. MASTERS talked to shoe boss Tijmen Venhorst: 'Fifty percent of our orders go to the United States, the other half to Europe.'

Sneaker Branding supplies custom-made sneakers, slippers, socks and safety shoes to companies worldwide. A gold-colored stitching and a bright pink lining? No problem. 'We tailor everything in the field of Footwear to your corporate identity.' According to Tijmen, more and more high-end brands are using branded sneakers as part of their corporate clothing, merchandise or marketing strategy: 'It often starts with the desire to increase the image at an event and then results in a completely customized, corporate identity. sneaker in your own company colors and with the logo embroidered or printed on it.'

For the observant viewer: during MASTERS EXPO the sneakers could be spotted on the feet of many crew members. But companies such as Renault Group, Honda Cars, Amazon and Capgemini also chose SneakerBranding. 'But we enjoy working with smaller companies just as much. The bakery on the corner can also come to us with smaller quantities," says Tijmen.

Expansion to South America

'Fifty percent of our orders go to the United States, the other half to Europe. And especially to the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. We are currently rolling out the Spanish and Portuguese translation of our website, so we expect to expand quickly in both Europe and South America.”

The sneakers for Honda Cars remain of special significance to Tijmen. Not so much because of the special design, but because this first assignment marked an important moment for the company. 'Honda was our very first order. We started our own shoe line ''VanPalmen'' a few years ago, but the corona pandemic broke out shortly after the launch of this brand. As a result, all shoe stores were forced to close for a while. When they were allowed to open their doors again, they were all bankrupt and these stores had warehouses full of old stock. Not the ideal time to launch a new brand. We went back to the drawing board and came up with SneakerBranding. After such a difficult period during the start-up of your own company, it is of course a tough pill to swallow. When, after many brainstorming sessions, you come up with a new idea, it is exciting to see whether it actually works. If your first customer is Honda Cars, that is a wonderful confirmation that you have taken the right turn.'