Shypple's Only Way Is Up and this is why

In MASTERS' The Only Way Is Up the founders of startups who are not afraid to present a new idea to the world and with success. This week the spotlight is on Shypple, the online intermediary for shipping freight. Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: ShyppleImagine: you have a company and buy products abroad that you want to have shipped to the port of Rotterdam. This used to be quite a bit of work, until now. The digital forwarder platform from Rotterdam, Shypple is the intermediary when it comes to container transport. MASTERS spoke to the CEO/Founder from Rotterdam, Jarell Habets.

Started from the bottom and now we're…

''This year we are heading towards €60 million in turnover and we have more than 100 employees. We have more than 500 paying customers and more than 3.000 companies worldwide use our platform.”

Best tip you've had?

''If you have a good idea for a business, start talking to customers as soon as possible and selling the idea. You quickly find out whether your assumptions about potential success are correct and you can quickly adjust your idea or expectations. You don't build companies behind a desk, but you build them by being 'outside' and hearing the problems of your potential customer."

Why do you think Shypple is so successful?

''I think that as an entrepreneur you are really successful if you have a strong opinion, but are amenable to reasoning. This means that you can be convinced by others who can come up with hard facts or arguments that can change your persistent opinion. This results in you creating a healthy corporate culture, where the best ideas are implemented, and not the ideas of the boss or the one who shouts the loudest. Smart people want to work there, and they will help your company move forward. A company without ego, but with reasoning."

Which company/service would you have liked to come up with yourself?

''I feel strongly about the online banks that are now emerging. When I see what the service level is and what kind of legacy systems current banks have, I would like to help disrupt this market and give the consumer the experience you can expect in 2021."

What would you do with 1 million?

''That 1 million would go directly into Shypple. We are in such a huge market where we can still do so much. I firmly believe that that million will go for 30 times in Shypple.”

What bids have there already been for your company?

''We issue new shares approximately every year and a half. A share price is determined based on our performance and negotiations. We have never offered to sell our entire company, just small pieces at a time. We use the liquidity thus obtained to grow faster again and to raise money at a higher valuation in the next round. In our current setup, you can safely assume that the company will be worth well over 100 million euros in the next round."

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

''The Shypple app is already widely used in Asia, where many factories and agents work together with our customers in Europe. I believe that in five years the Shypple app will be a household name in world trade and will be used in almost all countries worldwide. I would also find it very cool to be part of the 'unicorn' list in Europe. The potential is there!!


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Photo: Jarell Habets, Shypple