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Do you like adding celebrity favorites to your online shopping list? Top chef Sergio Herman tells MASTERS which one must have you should not miss.Online editor: Natasha Hendriks

Josper oven

Sergio: “The Rolls-Royce of barbecues! I worked with this in Oud Sluis and it is also in Pure C and The Jane. It is an oven/barbecue with charcoal. You can grill on it, you can roast vegetables in it so that they get a charcoal flavor, you can do everything in it. And it also looks beautiful, completely in black or red, for example. A cool thing. If you want to have it at home, you have to be a real foodie – it's big!”

Demeyere pans

Sergio: “We have been working on induction for fifteen years. That goes very fast, very fast, there is a lot of power in it. The Belgian family business Demeyere has pans that can handle that. And they are also so robust that they can withstand the violence of our chefs. They are the leaders in their field.”


Sergio: “I like Ray-Ban, but I also think Moscot is cool. A very cool, beautiful, cool eyewear brand from America. Whenever I'm there, I always want to buy some kind of souvenir to take back with me, a T-shirt or a pair of glasses for example. And preferably things or brands that I don't know. That's how I came across Moscot.”

Tajika herb scissors

Sergio: “Japanese scissors for cutting fresh herbs. In the kitchen, but also at the table, because it looks good as a presentation. The simplicity and perfection of scissors. Completely pureed. Beautiful object, that really makes me happy.”

White giant snowball

Sergio: “Maison Martin Margiela not only has clothing but also cool homeware objects. Such as this White Giant Snowball with a height of 18 centimeters and a diameter of 22,5 centimeters. A glass snow globe that is not only fun for the kids. With a price tag of €179, it can be yours.”