Serene and surreal black and white

The complicated relationship between man and nature runs like a common thread through the work of Astrid Verhoef. From April 5 to May 11 you can immerse yourself in the photographer's serene and surreal black-and-white images. A true must see in the heart of Amsterdam.
Astrid Verhoef

Koster Fine Art Gallery presents the solo exhibition of art photographer Astrid Verhoef in collaboration with Atelier K84. In a first, the gallery is showing a large overview of its award-winning series Human//Nature. Never before has this series been exhibited so fully. 

The Amsterdam native studied photography at the University of the Arts in Utrecht and has been active as a visual artist and curator for over 25 years. Her work is included in the collection of the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris and has been shown at exhibitions in Berlin, Milan, New York, Paris, Rotterdam, Sydney and Tokyo and now in Amsterdam. 

Roots in modern life

As a true city dweller, Verhoef explores her personal connection with the natural world through photography. The complicated relationship between people and nature runs like a common thread through her work. As soon as she places herself in desolate landscapes, she creates, in her own words, an anonymous character who finds connection and inner peace in nature, while the roots in modern life are often palpable in the form of an artificial element. 

But during the exhibition in Atelier K84 there is more on the program... In addition to a poetry reading by poet Bernard Wesseling, a Art in Silence afternoon of yoga and meditation combined with the theme and experience of the photo works. 

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