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SensiSlim™: innovative, non-surgical & results-oriented

Do you want a total body transformation? Painless? Non-operative, but with great results? Then the innovative SensiSlim™ consisting of four programs might be for you. High-end plastic surgery clinic Kazem Aesthetics was the first in the world to develop it. MASTERS talks to Dr. Farid Kazem about the revolutionary SensiSlim.Text: Mical Joseph

What does the SensiSlim™ body transformation program entail?

"Our SensiSlim™ programs are the first non-invasive customized body transformation programs. The four programs are without surgery AND without pain. So it is a very accessible treatment. After treatment there is no down time, so you can continue to exercise, work and do your daily activities. By the way, not everyone needs the four programs. This is different for each individual. One client needs two, another needs three and yet another needs four."

Which group is taking advantage of the new SensiSlim™ program?

"We find that the group mostly consists of clients between the ages of 30 and 50 who want to get rid of their so-called 'corona kilos.' Because the gyms have been closed for a while and people are eating more and exercising less, the pounds are coming off faster than in normal times. It is the special circumstances in this current corona period where SensiSlim can be just that extra helping hand."

What happens during the first step, lifestyle reprogramming?

"The first step is to help clients lose about 10 to 15 pounds by changing their mindset and lifestyle. We do this using a swallowable balloon, Elipse, in the form of a capsule. This stays in the stomach for sixteen weeks and provides a "full" feeling. So this trains the brain and makes the client eat differently. Instead of eight to 10 meals a day, it is reduced to about four to five times. After the sixteen weeks, the balloon dissolves and the valve deflates. Throughout the course, the client receives guidance from our dietician and often loses between four to six pounds in the first ten days."

What is the next treatment after reprogramming the way of thinking and lifestyle?

"Because the client has already lost a lot of weight, but sometimes just wants a certain area more contoured, after sixteen weeks the second step comes into the picture: CoolSculpting. With this treatment, we ensure that stubborn fat is frozen within a quick time, namely within 35 minutes. CoolSculpting is permanent and the fat does not come back."

And once the targeted body contours are achieved, what happens next?

"After CoolSculpting, we begin tightening the abdomen. This is called EMSculpt and is an electromagnetic therapy lasting about 30 minutes. With this treatment, the abdominal muscles are stimulated by delivering impulses. This is equivalent to a workout of up to 20,000 crunches. So this gives quite a tightening to the said muscles and an increase of twenty to thirty percent in muscle mass."

What is the last step of the program after muscle strengthening?

"With three successful steps behind them, the client begins the final phase: NuEra Tight. This radiofrequency treatment stimulates collagen in the skin. NuEra Tight helps tighten the skin, contour the body and reduce cellulite. NuEra Tight is the perfect end to the Sensislim™ journey. It gives clients firmer, smoother and tighter skin to complete the transformation."

How long does it take to see the effect?

If you go through the whole program, you will see the final result after nine months, but along the way you will also naturally see a lot of change.

How long will this result remain visible?

"As long as the client remains committed to the new lifestyle, the results can be lifelong."

Is there any kind of aftercare?

"Muscle toning and skin sagging naturally continues, which is why I recommend maintaining it. We advise clients who play sports to do EMSculpt once a year and for non-athletes twice a year."

Is the program safe?

"Yes, the program is one hundred percent safe. In fact, all treatments are FDA approved. If a client comes in for the consultation and they are, for example, obese, I first recommend losing the extra pounds. Then, from Kazem Aesthetics, we can continue to help the client with the further SensiSlim™program."

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