History, tradition, beauty and quality: these are the most important values ​​that clothing brand Sartoria Lionora stands for. Handmade clothing and accessories – especially for the stylish and chic woman. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Christia

Made in Italy:

Thanks to the experienced professionals, only the highest quality clothing is produced. The passion for the craftsmanship is labeled with it Made in Italy: label. Sartoria Lionora's coats are intended for the dynamic, stylish and chic woman. It is now possible to order Sartoria's luxurious tailor-made clothing from home via the website. The wide range of coats in soft shearling – in other words, high-quality fur – each offers warmth and comfort. A harmonious interplay of materials, shapes and colors creates unique and trendy garments with an eye for detail. Depending on the occasion and style, there is a choice of different collections of coats, jackets, capes and accessories to create new and versatile outfits every day.

Visit here the website of Sartoria Lionora.