His abstract art can be recognized by its interesting textures, versatile use of color and the very best materials. Ronald Hunter exchanged his commercial career for that of an independent artist, where he shone Stars on the canvas and sold his works to more than 50 countries.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens

Traffic Series

“This series is characterized by graphic shapes in contrasting colors. I constructed each painting from many layers of acrylic paint. The different layers of color are still partly visible, which gives the painting a beautiful depth. I often build on what I have made before. The Traffic Series is actually like High Rise, but with round shapes. Another work of mine, Crossing Border has also been a source of inspiration for Traffic. I like working with graphic shapes. I make these paintings purely based on feeling, I start with one color and then add contrasting colors. The combination of warm and cold colors is a starting point for me. My successful series Panels is also structured that way.”

Pop Art Portraits

“I've been attracted to it for as long as I can remember Pop art. I like that it is such a distinct art form. Reality is not what it seems and is even seen in a completely different light. The specific way in which Pop artists manage to take everyday objects out of context, enlarge and exaggerate them. As a spectator you are often misled. I use a lot of typography, neon and contrasting colors in my portraits. I like to play with shapes and typographical shapes in my work. I start by looking for the right color balance and use larger and smaller typography to shape the background. Once the shape and/or color feels balanced, I decide which portrait fits best. I usually stay away from famous faces because I want the face to remain neutral to the viewer. The way in which the lines play a role in the perception of the face is interesting to me. You wonder: am I looking at the shapes or the face? It is clearly a face, but it should not distract too much from the entire painting.”


"Panels is inspired by a large wooden table I worked on in my old studio. The table was covered in paint and a customer one day commented that it was a work of art in itself. That got me thinking, and I wanted to recreate the feeling of the table on canvas. With the varying colors and textures, it proves to be an endless source of inspiration. The Panels Series is one of my best running series and still one of my personal favorites. I always look for a balance of warm and cold colors and in this series you can clearly see how the different color layers come into their own. There is always something new to discover in the work, even if you have owned it for years. What I regularly hear from my customers is that it so easily blends in with the interior.”

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