MASTERS, together with guest editor-in-chief Ronald de Boer, listed his 100 most favorite and unique addresses. Ronald now tells us about some of his 'must haves'. Curious which five products are on Ronald's list? Read along.Online editor: Natasha Hendriks

Jeanne Opgenhaffen

Ronald: “She makes panels that are covered with hundreds, thousands of porcelain plates. I have one with kind of rolled up porcelain paper darts. Perhaps the work of art I am most attached to. The work is shown here Walking on White Lines, 2011, 60 x 60 cm.”

Bentley GT

Ronald: “The Bentley GT has luxury, an incredibly beautiful design and an incredible amount of power: you can drive it very quietly, but if you accelerate – wroomm! – then he's gone. It drives so comfortably. I always used to think: if I make the Dutch national team, I will buy a Porsche 911. Never did that. My only real sports car has been the BMW 645 convertible. But an interview! I also drove a Mercedes SLK, the very first in the Netherlands. A nice car, but I prefer space and luxury. Like a BMW X6, which I had in Qatar, a Land Cruiser or the new Range Rover. Now I still have a BMW X1 from Qatar. He doesn't drink anything and you're not allowed to drive fast. I've come back a bit from those fast cars. They cost you a lot of money. That Bentley too, that's why I don't have it. I can pay for it, but I think it's a waste of money. Just driving it out of the garage will save you quite a few euros. I don't feel like doing that, I think that's a real shame.”

B&W headset

Ronald: “Especially when I travel, I often have my headset on. No, it's not that big, I'm keeping it modest – it almost looks untrendy. I especially pay attention to the sound quality. And it is high with this headset.”

Geneva speaker

Ronald: “It is a square box that produces surround sound. So you don't need multiple speakers. There is a radio in it, you can connect your iPhone to it… Good sound, including deep bass.”

Garmin GPS Golf Watch

Ronald: “I'm standing on hole 10 of the golf course in Lochem, put that thing on and immediately see how many meters it is to the green. Awesome! Is so important with golf. If you know you still have 140 yards to go, you can adjust your club accordingly. I believe there are seven thousand golf courses in such a golf watch. I just happened to win two, one at the Charity KLM Open and one at a competition organized by UEFA in Windwood, with Cruijff and Platini, among others. I was on a flight with Gordon Strachan, the coach of the Scottish team. I had the neary, the ball that comes closest to the flag – I got a Garmin for that, that was an individual prize. But I had already won that the week before. Let's see who I'm going to make happy.”