This is the Rolls-Royce of airplanes

British aircraft manufacturer Rolls-Royce has launched a fully electric aircraft. The aircraft is called 'Spirit of Innovation' and has already set three world records. Rolls-Royce hopes one day fuel-free create flight traffic. And with the fully electric 'Spirit of Innovation' aircraft, the company seems closer to that goal than ever. Text: Noa Verseveldt
Image: Rolls-Royce

Record breaking

On September 15, Rolls-Royce published its first fully electric aircraft 'Spirit of Innovation'. The flight lasted 15 minutes, but the company did not say at what speed the plane had reached. The aircraft was built to break the speed record for electric aircraft. This record was held by Siemens, which reached a speed of 2017 kilometers per hour with an electric aircraft in 338. The 'Spirit of Innovation' is powered by a 400 kilowatt-hour electric drivetrain. Rolls-Royce claims it is the most powerful propulsion battery ever used in space travel. The 'Spirit of Innovation' reached a maximum speed of 16 km/h on November 623.

Sustainable flying

CEO Warren East adds in the press release that he is not just concerned with the world record. He said: “Claiming the record for the fastest all-electric aircraft is a fantastic achievement for the ACCEL team and Rolls-Royce. But this is a new milestone that will help jet zero to realise. It also supports our ambitions to deliver the technological breakthroughs society needs to decarbonise air, land and sea transport.” However, the 'Spirit of Innovation'  not suitable for passenger transport. There is only room for one pilot on the plane. The rest of the aircraft is needed for the battery pack.