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Rolling art show in Amsterdam

Another Rolling Art Show will take place in Loods 3 on the KNSM Island from 6 to 6 June. For four days, a select group of artists and photographers will show their best and most recent work to a broad art-loving audience. Text: Mical Joseph

Different than usual

At a Rolling Art Show the focus is on creating a rich, post-museum experience of modern art. All art – with a wide selection of paintings, photography and sculptures – is presented in a clear manner in Loods 6.

Visitors here have every opportunity to enjoy the exhibited art. Art that is often presented by the artists themselves. This gives visitors every opportunity to talk to the artists themselves. For example, about their inspirations, the context of their artistic expressions and their way of working.Govert de Roos

Stimulating new talent

The Rolling Art Shows aim not only to organize art events but also to stimulate talented artists. Take Frédérique Spigt. Once she graduated from art school, she became best known as a singer. During the corona period she picked up her paint and brushes again. In a relatively short time she managed to develop her own powerful and colorful painting style. She has created ten special paintings especially for this event.

Another discovery is the young Ukrainian artist Nathalia Olhova, who now lives and works in the Netherlands after fleeing Crimea. Under her pseudonym Sunflower she makes colorful and often abstract paintings in what she calls an “emotional and esoteric style”. In addition to the impressive work of this promising artist, during this exhibition you can also become acquainted with the dual works of art by painter Aron Kroes and photographer Merette Uiterwaard.Samira el Bali

Art driven by Music

Co-initiator Rep Ringel shows his completely abstract art on impressively sized canvases. Raw and monumental works that are always inspired by special music numbers (Art driven by music). In any case, music is an important source of inspiration for artists who can be seen during this event. Here you can get acquainted with the unique painting style of musician and actor Hans Dagelet. There are also paintings by Herman Brood to admire. Brood remains relevant, even 22 years after his death. His work also appears to be a source of inspiration for the new generation of artists such as Milan the Artist, Djor and Tostiej.

Work by top photographers

In addition to painting, portrait photography is represented by well-known top photographers such as Patricia Steur, Govert de Roos, Ron Tetteroo.

Participating artists

Frédérique Spigt, Rep Ringel, Patricia Steur, Natalia Olhova, Govert de Roos, Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema jr., Herman Brood, Ron Tetteroo, Sanne Terweij, Samira el Bali, Florentijn Bruning, Marthijn de Groot, Hans Dagelet, Aron Kroes, Merette Uiterwaard , Tostiej, Milan the Artist, Djor, Guus van Vugt.