3 special trips outside Europe according to MASTERS EXPO exhibitor ExperienceTravel

Now that travel is fortunately becoming easier and easier, we dare to cross national borders again. Carefully, however. The media mainly give the impression that travel is only possible within Europe and because of this people are still reluctant to settle on another continent. Unjustified, if it is up to ExperienceTravel. MASTERS presents three travel destinations outside Europe that are now waiting for your visit, according to CEO Harco van Uden.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: ExperienceTravelSelf, the CEO of ExperienceTravel, which provides exclusive tailor-made travel, has just returned from Kenya, "where I enjoyed with my family the 'great migration,' a migration in which thousands of wildebeest and zebra beasts leave the Tanzanian Serengeti in search of fresh grass and water in Kenya's Masai Mara. This quest is an annual phenomenon and is certainly not without danger for the protagonists. In particular, the crossing of the Mara River, where crocodiles lie in wait for the first wildebeest to cross to make their move, attracts a lot of attention every year from travelers who want to witness this in person. According to Harco, we can safely travel to other continents and enjoy a fantastic vacation. Especially for MASTERS he lists three beautiful destinations.Photo: Travel Harco van Uden, Kenya

Relaxing in Barbados

On the far west coast of Barbados, about 5 kilometers above the bustling capital of Bridgetown, lies the Sandy Lane Hotel. As you look out over the infinite-seeming Caribbean Sea here, you will experience outstanding service. The award-winning, paradisiacal spa will no doubt also contribute to the ultimate overall experience. Evenings are enriched by unparalleled sunsets and sublime dinners, where bold flavor combinations are not shied away from. Golf enthusiasts will be delighted with the presence of resort-owned, highly prestigious golf courses, the most famous of which is Green Monkey.

8-day trip staying in the Orchid Room: from €5,995 per person.

Exclusive Dubai

The new world where the possibilities are limitless: Dubai. The famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper houses the Armani Hotel Dubai: the stylish result of a collaboration between fashion and style icon Giorgio Armani and leading Emaar Hotels & Resorts. The rooms and suites are spread over ten floors and offer panoramic views of the imposing skyline. Needless to say, the emirate itself also has much to offer. Visit the Dubai Mall, dine at renowned celebrity restaurants, take in the many art galleries in the Historical Neighborhood or tear through the desert. Of course, a relaxing day at the beach is also an option.

5-day trip (bed & breakfast), departure in December: from €1,995 per person.

Cape to Big Five: the best of both worlds

South Africa is regularly called "the world in one country" and during this trip you will experience in a relatively short period of time that this really is the case. You start the trip in bustling Cape Town with an extensive exploration of this charismatic metropolis in the first few days. You will stay in, the just outside the city, Cape Cadogan. Halfway through the week, a domestic flight takes you to Johannesburg, from where you are transferred to Marakele National Park. Here you will take up residence at the ecologically sound Marataba Mountain Lodge, which is located in the midst of nature. Here you will have the ultimate safari experience and with a little luck you will spot the entire Big Five.

8-day trip, departing in November:from €2,995 per person.An exclusive tailor-made trip? Then contact ExperienceTravel. Also get to know these special trips at MASTERS EXPO. Buy your tickets now and visit ExperienceTravel from November 18-22 in RAI Amsterdam.