Range Rover's quest for modern luxury

With the New Generation of Leaders, Range Rover highlights the quest for modern luxury and how it is experienced today. This time, the brand joins forces with designer and entrepreneur Piet Boon. MASTERS follows the creative thoroughbred on a tour in the New Range Rover past current and completed projects. But what is his vision of new sophistication and modern leadership, and where do the paths of Range Rover and Piet Boon actually cross?
Land Rover

Studio Piet Boon is a global design studio for exteriors, interiors and products. Recognized for creating balanced designs that can be characterized as subtle, stylish, functional and timeless. This is right where the paths of Range Rover and Piet boon cross. The designer himself calls it sharing the same DNA of timelessness: ''When I see a 40-year-old Range Rover passing by, I turn around and think 'what a beautiful car.'' But even with a 10-year-old Range Rover, that's pretty unique in the automotive world. It is a beautiful luxury car without being posh is. It doesn't really get any better than that.''


''That's pretty unique in the car world. It's a beautifully luxurious car without being posh'' 



Setting the standard 

With the New Range Rover, Land Rover once again sets the standard for comfort and appearance in the SUV class. This Electric Hybrid will be the forerunner of the all-electric version that will hit the market in 2024. Should you wish to throw your own design skills into the fray as well, you can; the New Range Rover SV is customizable through the capable hands of the Special Vehicle Operations team. 

The origins of Studio Piet Boon are in Amsterdam and the nearby Zaan region. During the trip in the New Range Rover, Piet Boon's own home in Oostzaan and the headquarters of Studio Piet Boon pass in review. But also the very latest landmark of Amsterdam: the future Rosewood Hotel in the former Palace of Justice on the Prinsengracht and the Golf Course in Cromvoirt, where Studio Piet Boon managed to unite minimalism with nature are discussed. 


''I have a lot of confidence in my teams and release them'' 



Studio Piet Boon has been shaping living spaces and products since 1983. What began as a one-man business has grown into an international architecture and design label. Over the years, Piet boon therefore learned to hire profiles stronger than himself. ''That's why I can afford to be a casual leader. You can only do that if your team is very good. I have a lot of confidence in my teams and let them be free. At most, I steer them occasionally to keep them on the Piet Boon path of beauty, longevity and comfort.'' These basic values shape the designer's life and work. As a result, Range Rover sees him as the perfect figurehead of a New Generation of Leaders who are always looking for the fulfillment of modern luxury. Read here the full story about Piet Boon.


Want to see more of the New Range Rover? Check out the website here.



With the exclusive Range Rover stand at MASTERS EXPO, Land Rover presents a unique, luxurious venue where a variety of Range Rover models can be appropriately introduced. From the avant-garde appeal of the Range Rover Velar, the dynamic-luxurious nature of the New Range Rover Sport to the unparalleled luxury of the New Range Rover SV Long Wheelbase. In doing so, the Electric Hybrids set the tone in the plug-in hybrid segment, with all-electric models setting new benchmarks from 2024.

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