Qooder Netherlands, riding a motorcycle without a motorcycle license

A frustration that is high on everyone's list is traffic jams. With a motorcycle you can easily speed through the cars, but if you don't have a driver's license you're out of luck. Or not.. Qooder Netherlands produces motorcycles for which you do not need to have a motorcycle license. On July 8 to 12, Qooder Netherlands can be found at the small-scale version of the MASTERS EXPO business fair in Hotel Okura Amsterdam, MASTERS VERNISSAGE.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Qooder Netherlands

Riding a motorcycle without a motorcycle license

Almost every day there are many kilometers of traffic jams in the Netherlands. With a car you join the queue. If you have a motorcycle, you can continue driving. But what if you don't have a motorcycle license? Qooder Netherlands sells vehicles for which you do not need a motorcycle license, but which you can drive like a motorcycle. A Qooder is ideal for avoiding traffic jams, has a high fun factor, is cheap to purchase and use and is also easy to park. With Qooder, the feeling of riding a motorcycle is accessible to everyone with a driving license. Experience the feeling of driving on two wheels with the comfort, Swiss solidity and safety of three or four wheels. From 2021, Qooder will also be the only motorcycle available with an electric variant, which also means you can hit the road in an environmentally friendly way. Get more information at MASTERS VERNISSAGE in Hotel Okura Amsterdam from 8 to 12 July.

Photo: Qooder Netherlands