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The firsts at MASTERS EXPO

Many firsts took place on the exhibition floor of MASTERS EXPO this year. Among other things, designs of cars, boats, e-mopeds and even flying cars saw the light of day for the first time at this venue, companies set foot on Dutch soil for the first time at this venue and visitors witnessed launches of new companies.

Foldables from Samsung

At their impressive booth, Samsung Electronics Benelux introduced the world to their first Foldable smartphones, because folding is not just for origami and letters. A new way of smartphone use, which only brings advantages. The electronics company's first foldable model was presented at MASTERS EXPO: here's where folding is allowed.

First flying car

After years of hard work behind the scenes at PAL-V, the time had come; the world's first flying car was presented at MASTERS EXPO. Combining driving with flying in one vehicle, the Dutch company's Liberty offers the ability to be in London Bond Street within three hours from P.C. Main Street.

Launch of first brand Lengers Yachts

In 1970, the family business Lengers Yachts was founded by Hans Lengers. Now, more than 50 years later, son Bas Lengers is at the helm of the company. With the support of his twin brother, sister and wife, the yacht exporter has been successfully building its reputation for years as a dealer of luxury motor yachts from brands such as Prestige, Sacs and Sanlorenzo. But since MASTERS EXPO, the wild waters have added a gem: the Stratos brand. The very first own brand of Lengers Yachts. At MASTERS EXPO you could get to know the very first model.

Cobblehead launches new company

Jordi van den Bussche, aka YouTuber Kwebbelkop, accounts for a whopping seven billion views and 15 million subscribers on the popular media platform. At MASTERS EXPO, the Internet entrepreneur launched his brand new company: JVDB Studios. Purpose of the company? To create viral content for people and companies to be distributed around the world.

New Range Rover Sport

At Land Rover, the future is all about Modern Luxury. With the exclusive stand at MASTERS EXPO, the various Range Rover models could be appropriately introduced. This included the New Range Rover Sport, which was on display on the show floor for the first time for the general public in the Netherlands.

First foot on Dutch soil

Part of the Chinese company FAW Group, Hongqi is one of China's oldest and most prominent car brands, founded in 1958. This brand-new SUV is already a familiar sight on Chinese and Norwegian roads, but will soon enrich the Dutch street scene as well. That the model does resemble a Rolls-Royce is not surprising. The E-HS9 is a design by car designer Giles Taylor, former Rolls-Royce design boss. The Chinese car brand sets foot in the Netherlands with the all-electric Hongqi E-HS9, which was on exclusive display at MASTERS EXPO.

Unveiling of new e-moped

Eysing is joining forces with a big, international name in automotive. Pininfarina, designer of the famous Ferrari Testarossa and other iconic models, has designed a new Eysing e-moped. During The Exclusive Preview Day, the unveiling of this scoop took place.

Formula 1 Showcar

Audi's very latest and most innovative models were on display at MASTERS EXPO 2022. But also the F1 show car. The brand will enter Formula 1 in 2026.

Great Book of Scars: an extraordinary initiative

A special initiative was launched at MASTERS EXPO: GREAT BOOK OF SCARS. A unique collaboration between media entrepreneur Yves Gijrath and contemporary neo-purist painter and sculptor Steve Tepas.

Sam's Garage: launching a new business

As the son of a successful entrepreneur, Prince Bernhard of Orange, Samuel van Vollenhoven couldn't help but follow the entrepreneurial path as well. At MASTERS EXPO, Samuel launched his new company Sam's Garage. A high-end customization company of modern Jeep Wrangler's.

Tesla showed latest model

At the show, visitors could experience Tesla's newest model for the first time: Model X.

ZEROCLASSICS launched first model

ZEROCLASSICS is the brainchild child of Porsche restorer Roy van Lier and electrical engineer René Zandijk. Together the two pursue a mission, namely to make the classic car future-proof. Modern technology in a retro jacket, in other words. At MASTERS EXPO, the gentlemen proudly presented their very first model: the ZERO P1.

LEKKER Boats presented Damsko

Cast off the ropes and step aboard the 'Damsko'. A brand new sloop launched by LEKKER Boats at MASTERS EXPO.

Scoop: Rico Verhoeven's fitness line

At MASTERS EXPO, kickboxing icon and entrepreneur Rico Verhoeven launched his first line of supplements at fitness brand High End Nutrition, which Verhoeven has long joined forces with: Ricoded.

FIRST. Real estate - Switzerland

FIRST. Real estate - Switzerland invited presented its first at the business fair: Porte du Soleil Résidences in Morgins. A luxury boutique project with its own restaurant, ski bar, wellness with swimming pool, a real mountain bike wash and a location that says it all, namely right on the slopes.

Mulder Shipyard presented Mulder ThirtySix

At MASTERS EXPO, the boat builder presented the Mulder ThirtySix, along with luxury charter options.

Corendon goes premium

At MASTERS EXPO, Corendon launched new labels, such as the Premium Platinum label which includes a selection of the best five-star hotels with outstanding service levels and high customer ratings.

BMW showed XM and i7

At BMW, new technologies and models follow each other in rapid succession. At MASTERS EXPO, the brand presented two its latest models: the BMW XM and i7...

Ayce Sorbets presented newest ice cream flavor

During MASTERS EXPO, the newest ice cream flavor, Yuzu, was presented to the general public.

Presentation of a flying boat

Edorado set sail for RAI Amsterdam, where it presented its first: the Edorado 8S Launch Edition, the brand's first fully electric powerboat. And unique: it can also fly.

DEUS Vayanne was introduced

DEUS presented its DEUS Vayanne to the general public for the first time at MASTERS EXPO; a high-profile new electric hypercar.