PHENOMENA opens its doors in Amsterdam

Na tien jaar werkzaam te zijn geweest in de financiële sector, besloot Yulia Reznichenko haar droom te volgen. Gelegen in het iconische Valeriusgebouw in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, opende zij recent de deuren van het revolutionaire ’Maison of Beauty & Health’ PHENOMENA.

After four years of hard work, PHENOMENA is ready to welcome its first guests. Founder Yulia Reznichenko can't wait to introduce Amsterdam to the level of quality she is used to in her homeland: "In my experience, the level of quality with regard to beauty and health treatments in my home country Ukraine is higher than in the rest of the world, I would like to introduce Amsterdam to this expertise."

Both for men and women 

In the maison, the international team of experts offers numerous high-level beauty and health treatments for both men and women. But in addition to the general beauty offer such as manicures, pedicures, make-up, PMU, eyebrow and eyelash treatments, PHENOMENA likes to think further.

From the latest innovations to the old, familiar

For example, the latest technological feats are offered for the face, but if you prefer to play it safe: you can also go to the maison for the familiar and proven concepts.

In the field of skin improvement and anti-aging, PHENOMENA offers treatments such as peeling, microneedling, mesotherapy and oxygen therapy. A small selection of treatments for the body include massages, body contouring, scrubs, body wraps, lymphatic drainage therapies and 'NUVOLA' spa experiences. This so-called dry floating experience, which is only offered at PHENOMENA in the Netherlands, is a holistic experience without direct contact with water. Furthermore, the hair experts in the Maison of Beaty & Health are ready to apply their magic in the field of haircuts, coloring and styling, but also for personalized Hair-Spa treatments – where the focus is on promoting the health of the hair with intensely nourishing formulas, steam baths and massages – you have come to the right place at PHENOMENA.  

Curious about the entire range of PHENOMENA? Visit the website here.