Dreaming about tropical beaches, making plans, plotting a trip, rejoicing: it comes into view again. Join us on an adventure in areas that not many people will see, in exclusive style. Some high-end providers are already making long-distance travel possible this year by making the route from door to destination completely corona-proof.Online editor: Natasha Hendriks

Ultra-luxury expedition experience

SeabournVenture, the brand new, state-of-the-art ship, was created to break barriers, push boundaries and create memories that will last a lifetime. Where adventure and luxury meet, without compromises. Suitable for various destinations, this is the ultimate ship for the ultra-luxury expedition traveler. Activities, including two custom-built submarines, 24 Zodiacs, a number of kayaks plus an on-board expedition team, form the basis for an unforgettable and immersive experience. The design is serene and timelessly stylish, by the famous designer Adam D. Tihany. The common areas and 132 sea-view suites with private verandas provide an unmistakable sense of adventure and discovery at sea. In addition to the personalized service and exceptional amenities our guests have recognized for more than thirty years, the ship offers unforgettable expeditions to some of the world's most remote, dramatic destinations. Explore areas few people will ever see in ultra-luxe style. In service from December 2021.

Extra mile

Just go that extra mile. Isn't that what every traveler expects from his or her travel organization? Attention and service that does not stop once you have booked the trip, but that continues during and after your trip. Bee BMS Travellers that is central. A special trip, personally and tailor-made in consultation with you, in which all your wishes, together with the suggestions of their experts, are included. Assistance from the arrival gate of your plane until you are in your transfer car, private transfers, lounges and/or dinners that reduce waiting times at airports. Visit areas off the regular routes, see wildlife up close during a game drive, a hot air balloon ride over the desert, a romantic overnight stay for the newlyweds. BMS-Travellers has been going the extra mile for 45 years.

Beyond the horizon, to the eclipse

The corona crisis forces the modern explorer to look ahead and postpone traveling to a distant destination. When mapping the long term, there is a specific date that we cannot ignore: December 4, 2021. It is the day on which a complete solar eclipse will take place. The slogan of ExperienceTravel is 'Experiences and Memories for a lifetime' and this is put into practice very emphatically with two unique eclipse journeys. Seeing a total solar eclipse is a phenomenal sight in itself, but seeing it near the iconic seventh continent of Antarctica makes the experience even more special. Two 25-day expedition cruises to the eclipse make it possible to witness this rare astronomical phenomenon. In addition to the 'main course' in the form of the solar eclipse, the many other delights of Antarctica will also be amply discussed. Moreover, one trip will be enhanced by substantive contributions from André Kuipers, while Ramsey Nasr will give two lectures on the other trip. In both cases, these presentations are held exclusively for ExperienceTravel travelers.

Dream safari

Botswana is and remains a top safari destination in Africa. Quality is the key word in every respect. The perfect environment to reset body and mind. Africa Safari are specialists in tailor-made safaris to the most beautiful nature reserves in Africa. Their safaris are organized from start to finish, not in large groups, but rather an individual itinerary, tailored to personal preferences and interests.