This is what's in the Oscars goodie bag

Last Sunday, the champagne-colored carpet was rolled out for the 95th edition of the Oscars. And while the winners of the golden statuette are most likely reveling in the festivities, MASTERS takes a look at the generous goodie bag. Value? A generous €117,000. Fine consolation prize, should you have missed out....

So should you as a Hollywood star not go home with an award, at least as a nominee you will still be richly rewarded with the gift bag. Although the value is still on the modest side compared to previous years. After all, in 2020 the bag had a value of converted €210,000. The company Distinctive Assets put together the goodie bag for the A-listers. 

The biggest gift in the bag this year is a three-night stay at the secluded and luxurious hotel The Lifestyle in Ottawa, Canada worth €37,000. Nominees who decide to visit the all-inclusive estate can enjoy a well-stocked refrigerator filled with culinary delights, a private movie theater and the opportunity to drive both a 1965 Shelby AC Cobra 427 Roadster and a 2023 McLaren. The Founder of the company behind the goodie bag explains: ''The nominees can afford to go wherever they want. The point is not that this is free, but that we have found a unique place with the necessary privacy for a celebrity.''


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Organic dates and hair transplantation 

Other gifts in the bag with a hefty price tag include a three-night, eight-person stay at the Punta Imperatore Lighthouse in Italy, approximately €11,000 arm liposuction by Dr. Thomas Su and a private hair transplant consultation with leading surgeon Dr. Alan J. Bauman worth €6,500. But the goodie bag also includes smaller items, such as organic dates, massage oil and Oprah Winfrey's favorite hand soap. 

Brands reportedly pay nearly €4,000 to have their goodies in the Oscar bag to be included.