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Living like in New York: The Mayor Amstelveen

“I can't wait,” says Addy Onstwedder. She and her husband Lucas Hoogduin bought one of the luxury apartments in the former office building, now The Mayor. For years the couple lived alternately in Amsterdam, New York and Berlin. The 'New York feeling': that is what the former office building exudes on all sides after a thorough renovation.
The Mayor

Says new resident Addy: “We think it's a great idea that an office gets a new purpose and is beautifully renovated in New York style. Hoogduin: “We will probably get very low energy costs because it is built better than the latest standards. And we have privacy, in our case we park the car in the garage and take the elevator directly to our apartment.”

At The Mayor you actually get everything you could wish for in a cottage; peace, space, comfort, safety and high-level service. Still need some excitement? Amsterdam is around the corner and the city center of Amstelveen is within walking distance. Especially with the arrival of the Meander Park. 

High level of service

The level of service is also of international allure. For example, there is a concierge who accepts packages, has clothes dry-cleaned, or looks after your house when you are not there. There is also a professional gym and a coffee corner. From the secure parking garage you will be taken by elevator to the hall decorated with works of art, or directly to your home. There are still some XXL apartments, garden XXL apartments and villas for sale. The apartments have a sun terrace or several balconies and the villas have a private garden. You can choose from a number of designs for the interior by internationally renowned designers Bertram Beerbaum of Kabaz and Natascha Mom of Loft Interiors. 

“When we miss the city, we are there in no time”

On a stand, yet centrally located

For Hoogduin and his wife Addy, Amstelveen is the perfect solution in their search for a quieter place to live. Hoogduin: “Amsterdam has everything, but for us it is too busy in the evenings. It's not like we're moving to Friesland or Maastricht now, you can be in the city in half an hour. So when we miss the city, we are there in no time. An additional advantage is that it now no longer takes us half an hour to get out of the city.” The A9 is on the doorstep of The Mayor, so you can quickly get to your destination. The highway will be deepened so that there is no noise pollution and the Meander Park will be constructed above it.  

Open day 

There are a few more villas at The Mayor's, XXL apartments and garden XXL apartments available. Nice extra; delivery is possible at short notice. Would you like to admire the homes in real life? Then come to the open days on April 29, 13 and 27 May. 

View the website here for more information.