New kid Pascuál offers paracetamol for credit management

In the lecture halls Pascuál AB and his brother Ramon their company Nova Debt Collection on. Although most students mainly use their loans for beer, these brothers decided to put everything into their business. With now Nova Group, consisting of Nova Incasso, Credit Care and law firm Nova Legal they have a clear goal: to help customers solve their headaches regarding the collection of outstanding invoices. Pascuál himself also calls it the paracetamol in the field of credit management. MASTERS talked to this 29-year-old New Kid. Text: Fleur de JongIt was in 2020 Nova Group the second fastest growing company in the Netherlands and the fastest growing company in the Northern Netherlands. Pascuál grew up with his brother in Emmen and actually had the ambition to become a professional footballer. The young entrepreneur has even spent some time under the bar FC Emmen stood. Yet Pascuál chose entrepreneurship and taught himself programming to build the software for Nova Incasso himself. The latter has immediately become the company's most distinguishing feature: Nova Group is not dependent on external parties. Pascuál with his brother Ramón

What is your personal USP?

"Great perseverance, broad interest and dedication.

What can the older generation of entrepreneurs learn from you?

"A fresh look in an otherwise dusty field. And that expertise from other disciplines is needed to bring about change."

Who is your mentor or source of inspiration in the field of entrepreneurship?

“I don't have a single source of inspiration, but there are different people who inspire me in different areas. So it has Leonardo da Vinci inspired me from an early age that it is possible to excel in different disciplines. I also have a lot of admiration for entrepreneurs who have founded not one, but several successful companies, such as Richard Branson and Elon Musk, but also the Dutch Adriaan Mol and Robert Vis.''

What is your motto or quote?

"Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough for it.''

What is the biggest entrepreneurial risk you have taken so far?

“The biggest risk I took was the decision to develop our own software. This required a major investment in time and money and it was not a given in advance that this would be a successful step, even though I was convinced of this myself. Fortunately, afterwards it turned out that it was a good thing that we took a risk, because it certainly paid off and is one of the important areas in which we distinguish ourselves from the competition."

Where will you be in 3 years?

“In 3 years, Nova Group will be a household name in terms of getting every invoice paid. If a company no longer wants to worry about getting invoices paid, they should immediately think of Nova Group. In addition, we want to employ 250 people and have a turnover of 150 million euros.''Do you know or are you a successful, young entrepreneur who also deserves a place in the spotlight? Please email Fleur de Jong ( here for new kid Loes Daniels.