They are not afraid to take a risk, have a fresh perspective and have a good dose of self-confidence. In the section New Kids on the Block MASTERS will talk to young entrepreneurs who decided early on to start their own business. Who are these new Kids in the land of entrepreneurs and could the older generation of entrepreneurs learn something from them? MASTERS talked to the best young entrepreneur of 2020, 24-year-old Koen Aarns from the company Bluetick. Text: Fleur de Jong

Koen, together with his partner, was elected by Sprout in 2020 best young entrepreneur. They run the company Bluetick with a total of four men. None of them have a legal background, yet the young entrepreneurs saw opportunities in the market legal profession. This turned out to work out well, because the company quickly secured an investment of €200,000. Just as Netflix uses the user's behavior to suggest relevant films and series, Bluetick uses the behavior of, for example, lawyers to suggest relevant case law that matches their search. In addition to entrepreneurship, Koen enjoys painting, but in the summer he can often be found at festivals or terraces.

What is your personal USP?

''I was trained as a data scientist and am good at these complex techniques Jip and Janneke explain language. At the same time, I am an emotional person. This allows me to reason from the content, which I combine with my gift for connecting people. This helps convince potential customers, investors and colleagues.”

What can the older generation of entrepreneurs learn from you?

“Dare to experiment! In recent months, we have mastered a certain process in which we weekly identify our biggest assumptions that are holding back Bluetick's growth. This folders we on a impact risk dish. We then define experiments on the riskiest assumptions in order to subsequently validate these risks. This way we continue to learn and grow as a company in a structural way.”

Who is your mentor or source of inspiration in the field of entrepreneurship?

''I find it inspiring how Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten talks about his role as CEO of TNW. Boris sounds like a master at creating a culture. If he notices that people are working too long and too seriously, he starts throwing props until there is a funny and relaxed atmosphere in the workplace. In addition, I find it powerful how openly he speaks about his vulnerabilities and the mistakes he has made. In this way he inspires colleagues to do the same.”

What is your motto or quote?

"A no against another is one ja against yourself."

What is the biggest entrepreneurial risk you have taken so far?

''Stepping into a market as an outsider that I knew nothing about. Without any experience in the legal sector, we started developing a solution for the legal profession two years ago.”

Where will you be in three years?

''In 3 years' time, Bluetick will be the standard search method for knowledge-intensive employees in Europe. I am building an innovative solution together with a growing team of the best developers search technology. In three years we will be the market leader in this niche.Do you know or are you a successful, young entrepreneur who also deserves a place in the spotlight? Please email Fleur de Jong ( here for new kid Anton Teeuw with his company Planq.