In the section New Kids on the Block MASTERS will talk to entrepreneur and bestselling author Myrthe de Groot. She started the company seven years ago at the age of 26 active on. What risks has she taken and does Myrthe have a source of inspiration? In any case, its mission is clear, so to speak: “to prove that investing in real estate is for everyone and not just for old, rich men with Rolexes and Porsches”. Text: Fleur de Jongactive is now the fastest growing real estate network in the Netherlands. The company provides accessible support for successful real estate investing. According to Myrthe, the (online) service in combination with a personal approach and vision works like a magnet for many people for whom investing in real estate was previously a 'far from their bed show'. 

What is your personal USP?

''I don't think anyone is really unique, but I think that as an entrepreneur I am free fearless am. I'm not at all afraid to make big changes or completely change things. We did this last year by changing the overall concept of Actief. In addition, as a woman in a 'man's world' I am always underestimated, which makes you very creative and gives me a bit of a need to prove myself.”

What can the older generation of entrepreneurs learn from you?

''I think that the older generation (especially in real estate) no longer really feels the need to innovate, because: 'things are going well the way they are now, aren't they?' So I'm not like that at all, I'm always looking for improvements, new concepts and so on. I think that means that as a company you can stay ahead."

Who is your mentor or source of inspiration in the field of entrepreneurship?

''I am not concerned with other entrepreneurs at all. Maybe I should, but I never read books by other entrepreneurs or listen to podcasts. The same goes for watching 'competition' incidentatlly. I just do my own thing, if things go wrong it's my own fault and if things go well I can be proud of myself. I find it very tiring to worry about what other people are doing, my own companies and team are already enough work and responsibility. 

Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't respect other entrepreneurs and I always enjoy speaking to others and hearing their story. So I'm certainly interested in other entrepreneurs, but I don't use them as inspiration for my own companies.'' 

What is your motto or quote?

''I really often say:gelive do!", so I guess that's my motto. You can think about everything for a long time, make pros and cons lists, do research until you weigh an ounce, but for me it works best if I just get started on something. So when I think of something new, I'm just going to do it. Sometimes it works out well and sometimes it doesn't, but the most important thing is that I learn from it.”

What is the biggest entrepreneurial risk you have taken so far?

''I take risks every day. I think it is best part of doing business, the tension whether something works or not. I had a large team of which a considerable number of people no longer fit into the new concept. Apart from turning around our entire company, we also changed most of the team. So during the first corona wave, I thought it would be a good idea to start from scratch with an almost completely new team while we had a well-run company. At that moment I was absolutely convinced that this was the right choice, so in the spirit of 'just doing it' I just did it and luckily it turned out fantastic because we are now doing better than ever and I am completely happy with the company we have now. When I look back now I have a mega risk but I don't regret it at all."

Where will you be in 3 years?

''I never look that far ahead, so I actually have no idea where I will be in 3 years. Knowing myself, my life is very different than it is now. I hardly plan far ahead, even though I am very organized. So my daily life is planned minute by minute, but I go very bad looking so far ahead.”Do you know or are you a successful, young entrepreneur who also deserves a place in the spotlight? Please email Fleur de Jong ( here for new kid Koen Aarns from the Bluetick company.