Natural Yachts first rental fleet with exclusively electric motor yachts

Family business Natural Yachts from Heeg rents and sells modern, luxurious and 100% electric motor and sailing yachts. In the past year, Natural Yachts has already rented out several electric boats and now the Dutch family business announces that it will only offer electric motor yachts for rental. These boats could already be admired in November MASTERS EXPO.

Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Natural Yachts

Natural Yachts will rent out seven new 100% electric motor yachts next year. This concerns three motor yachts of 12 meters, the Northman 1200 Electric and 4 motor yachts of 9 meters, the Nexus Revo 870 Electric. These yachts are equipped with a 'long-range' and safe LiFePO4 battery pack with a very long lifespan. Electric sailing is not only sustainable, staying on board an electric boat also offers more comfort.

Sustainable mission

Global warming has major consequences and leads to extreme weather events such as floods, forest fires and the melting of the ice caps. With the 100% electric rental fleet, Natural Yachts shows that a sustainable tourist offer is not a future, but a reality. The mission of the family business: 'Accelerating the transition to sustainable water sports by applying zero-emission innovative technology' demonstrates the ambition level. Sailing holidays on electric boats offer the opportunity to introduce people to zero-emission sailing in an accessible way.