Musical magic: Joël Borelli plays stars from heaven at Pianometropolis

Of course you can marvel at all the beauty at the Pianometropool stand again this year; here you will find unique hand-built instruments by the world's best piano makers. On Saturday, December 9 from 16.00:18.00 PM to XNUMX:XNUMX PM, the company cordially invites you to their VIP drinks during MASTERS EXPO. Joël Borelli will play the stars of heaven here on a unique grand piano.

Pianometropool frontman Frans Poppeliers has been at the fair since the very beginning. Started in 1928 as a small music store, Pianometropool has grown into the global supplier of custom pianos and grand pianos. From ultra-modern plexiglass self-playing grand pianos to classic models from the 19th century inlaid with gold leaf. This year the company will unveil the latest Roland GP9M digital grand piano. This instrument is completely digital, but indistinguishable from a real one. 

On the VIP Day of MASTERS EXPO on December 9, a special scoop that you should not miss. From 16.00:18.00 PM to XNUMX:XNUMX PM, Pianometropool invites you to admire Joël Borelli's show while enjoying a sparkling glass of bubbles. 

Exceptional grand piano 

For years, Borelli toured every conceivable location in the country with a piano in the back of the trunk. Always and everywhere he managed to control the atmosphere with his energetic and original way of performing. The pianist is now performing on major stages and is on the eve of his biggest show ever. His 'CLUB 88' will take place in AFAS in 2024. Borelli will give a foretaste of this grand show next year at the Pianometropool stand. He also plays on a unique grand piano that can be admired for the first time on the stand during MASTERS EXPO. 

Pianometropool would like to welcome you to stand number 210 in hall 12. Order your tickets for MASTERS EXPO – The Magical Edition here.